Mobile Forms are a First Step to the Digital Future

Mobile Forms are a First Step to the Digital Future

Changes in the paradigm of using mobile applications

There are 2 key elements in the existing paradigm of mobile application usage: a smartphone and a mobile application. The developers of mobile applications go further by creating mobile forms.

Applications will go far beyond existing mobile devices in the future, and the meaning of mobile devices will significantly expand. Mobilization includes not only TVs, game consoles, smart watches and Google Glasses, most industries and non-manufacturing areas will use mobile forms and applications instead of desktop software. “Mobile” will become the world around us.

Mobile applications with forms inside will finally go beyond online, it will happen massively. Nowadays users get bonuses that can be redeemed not only in other applications, but also in the ordinary life, offline. Discounts and gifts, free tickets, even the right of priority choice with limited supply of anything, and much more will be available for active users in the nearest future. The habitual consumption behavior will change.

What will be more effective for a manufacturer?

There are two different answers for this very question:

  1. one or even more big systems that manage the production cycle and imply the high cost of development, deployment, maintenance, support, refinement, difficulty of understanding by new employees,


  1. a set of simple mobile forms which are responsible for each process or group separately, and combined into a single information space, where it is possible to provide fast data collection and analysis, rapid customization of the mobile form due to the interchangeability of its components.

The second option seems to be a correct choice for the company head of the future. People are used to live in a world where for each need, imposed or real (and the first becomes the second very quickly), a mobile application with a certain number of mobile forms can be easily created. They will no longer live as lived before.

The rapid growth in popularity of mobile applications amid falling interest in desktop programs speaks for itself. The Flurry website provides information that they are tracking 400,000 mobile applications, collecting statistics of 3.5 billion sessions per day.

Mobile forms will allow building such production management systems as document management, accounting, finance, logistics, marketing, hr, in which all the problems, issues, and even the smallest tasks will be solved many times faster and easier. The production process will be in the hands of decision makers during each working moment.

Mobile Forms are a First Step to the Digital Future

We do now just about everything on smartphones.  Why not starting filling out forms and replace paper forms?

Snappii, a mobile application development company, is heading to the one of the most important releases in the industry – “Mobile Form Converter”. More than 30 of the most popular forms will be available in its prebuilt Forms library. It`s easy to upload your own form or just choose any from the existing ones and instantly drag and drop fields to it, edit and start using it. Mobile forms will help you totally replace paper forms. No more paper anymore! This is a moment to say goodbye to the paperwork. All the forms are stored on your device, you can edit, share and analyze your data any time, taking just a few seconds.

Save your time! Filling out paper forms on a smartphone is 5 times faster

The functionality of mobile forms far and away allows you to save your time. One of the most convenient features is auto filling.  You can save time by letting your device fill out forms automatically with saved info. There is a great deal of mobile form applications available in the Store that have the auto-fill option, and most, if not all, top-tier software solutions provide the best practices to enable their clients to optimize the form completion experience. Snappii is one of the first mobile app development companies that released mobile forms with this useful feature. Snappii form apps memorize your answers so the next time you fill out the same form, it takes you less time. Auto-filling significantly simplifies the process of filling fields in mobile forms.

Speak your text and don`t waste time on filling fields in the forms at all

Voice-to-text is a type of speech recognition feature that converts spoken to written language. Snappii allows its customers to save time on typing using this feature. No more typing at all, just speak and the text will appear in the field of the mobile form.

Share your thoughts and notes instantly

Snappii Forms allow taking pictures and drawing on them to share thoughts, make notes or indicate problems. Now it will take just a few seconds to take a photo and add some notes to it while working in the field.

Snappii Forms is a universal solution with lots of features in total allows not just an instant form converting, but also saving more and more time by using each feature.  Just imagine! The future is here – convert your existing forms to mobile forms in minutes with Snappii’s powerful Form Converter and improve your business workflow.

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