Music, sex and drugs, so Berghain

music, sex and drugs, so Berghain

As Mecca of techno and chronicler of the darkest stories, the Berlin club Berghain has become the much-missed destination for lovers of underground culture.

November 9, 1989 would be a date that would be marked as a synonym for freedom and struggle for human rights. The fall of the Berlin Wall indicated that the end of a divided Germany the rebirth of a nation scarred by the wounds of war. Some bruises that can still be glimpsed today.

As you stroll through the German capital, you realize how the past is very much present . The numerous works and monuments that recall the catastrophe of the Third Reich are indicators of a metropolis still under regeneration, inevitable when much of their areas were reduced to ashes. This is an example of how to raise a barrier and tear down a wall is not enough. This is not the end but the starting gun for a goal yet to be achieved.

 Wall of Berlin

As the history books are responsible for reminding the stages of repression almost always tend to be preceded by other expression. When the clamp is removed, the attitude of the people is to cry out against that which suppressed them. That’s when emerge countercultural movements or underground , initiatives to fight those charges set in the most famous culture. Therefore, because of its history, it is no wonder that Berlin is one of the cores of a stream seeking a parallel to the conventional route.

As an example we can put the neighborhood of Kreuzberg , the highest expression of German multiculturalism; or East Side Gallery , an exhibition outdoors using the Berlin wall as a canvas and thousands of tourists and spectators. But precisely in East Germany, controlled by the German Democratic Republic under the tutelage of the USSR, there is another recess area of ​​the city where this alternative culture is concentrated. In the Friedrichshain district is a building that was once the powerhouse of this area. Its structure, more typical of the Middle Ages when it was built in 1953, is a facade which does not correspond with what houses within its four walls. But neither sought is Berghain.

From underground club to fame

 Stefan Hoederath | Getty Images

Stefan Hoederath | Getty Images

As told in the magazine Rolling Stone is completely normal to go to Berghain Sunday at 11:30 am and it is open. Not only that, but in full swing. Inside, techno music, drugs and sex are urging the party continue in bodies that exceed 24 hours without sleep.

When it comes to underground activities , they tend to be driven by a small group of people, otherwise something would not fight against the established culture, but joins her. Berghain started as an exclusive club known by few, but now has acquired a world famous which attracts thousands of tourists eager to live the marathon party. But What made you famous?

New York Times tells us how many Americans are in Berghain techno reflect that emerged in his country for half of the 80 Maybe that we find today in the Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, where DJs go prestigious as Deadmau5 or Skrillex . However, much of that audience also criticized the business side of music that began as an alternative. That’s too mainstream , not as Berghain .

Thomas Rogers noted in the Rolling Stone article the beginnings of the now popular Berlin nightclub. The story begins with the opening of Osgut by Norbert Thormann and Michael Teufele , a club for small groups where people who love sex and fetish, mainly homosexuals gathered. That would be a forerunner of what later would become Berghain. Due to the increasing number of tributaries, in 2004 a new space now transformed into what we know is opened

Also, the place has been expanding., creating new plants with the intention of hosting more number of tributaries. Rogers tells us how we can distinguish three main halls: home , with little more than a central ring and decoration sound equipment; Panoramabar , an area with a slightly softer sound, as deep house, where you can also find a terrace or cells acclimated to unleash the darkest of intentions; And Lab.Oratory , which occupies the ground floor and is considered a gay sex club. These are the ingredients that shape, according to some, best club in the world .

Legends VS reality

When a place reaches the popularity of Berghain, about it begin to circulate legend which can sometimes even be overtaken by reality. The comments on the Internet are quite different, and for some is the Mecca of techno and sex, for others it is an experience as any.

is almost impossible to go to Berghain waiting be faithful to the 7 deadly sins
orgies in the dance floor, circulating drugs like candy, and even erotic events where invited to participate in activities not considered very sexy for many. We do not know (at least I) how much truth can have these stories, but after reading some of them can assure you that it is almost impossible to go to Berghain waiting to be faithful to the 7 deadly sins .

What seems out of the question is the restrictive selection made to enter the premises. In Primera Line, Javier Blánquez us details attitude which he could be “the biggest bastard techno” , the goalkeeper of Berghain. His name is Sven Marquardt and as Blánquez says, “like a bitch enjoys despising people and sending her home, although he has always explained that his job is to take care of the atmosphere of Berghain, and So you can only do well knowing who’s in and who to outsiders can add quality instead of making lump “.

Enter the Berlin disco is a test that precisely because its difficulty, it seems like a challenge to overcome. It would not be the first time that their goalkeeper denied entry to people who keep glue in a 3 hours under cold winter in the German capital, or famous waiting to enter easily due to their social status. For the network abound many indications that promise to ensure the entry into Berghain: not go dressed extravagantly, nor be simple; not go in large groups, but not be alone; or does not seem shy, but not daring. As we can see, many of them contradictory. Nothing better to pass the filter , and that’s what makes exclusive to those who get it.

What is undeniable is that Berghain has carved a niche within the underground history of Berlin. Maybe now it is not so countercultural and forming part of the labels are attributed to some places, but almost everything that defines a few eventually ends up influencing many. It is not the same place as Norbert Thormann and Michael Teufele began, but there was still finding the core of which was conceived. That is precisely what makes Berghain in one place .


Music, sex and drugs, so Berghain
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July 11, 2015

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