EpisodeCalendar: Your favorite series on your Google calendar

EpisodeCalendar: Your favorite series on your Google calendar

If, like me, you messed to follow all the TV shows you want to see, EpisodeCalendar rescue you from this chaos.

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I do not know if there are many people who suffer the same predicament as me, but long ‘ve been looking for a way to keep up with the number of television series still simultaneously. If you see many series, you’ll know their schedules to release new episodes are not homogeneous, and there are often hiatus and pauses that are not standard for the various shows. If we try to follow you add series that have been completed, we have a disaster that can only be fixed with a little organization.

Many aplicaciones They serve to track the chapters that we saw, but what I always wanted was one that will automatically synchronize with my calendar so that in my book, which I always check, I appeared with the meetings and deadlines, the next episode of my favorite series. So far none of the applications that had proved served for this, but EpisodeCalendar and my problem was resolved, in appearance, once and for all.

EpisodeCalendar is an application that runs on your browser, so you do not need to install anything, just create a new account, add from their catalog series you’re following, and mark episodes as seen (or full seasons) you’ve already seen that your schedule it is current. With this, page will create a list of chapters “unseen” series are available showing you what episodes you have not yet enjoyed. In addition, as a curiosity, as you mark as seen new episodes, the application provides statistics about how many hours (or days)’ve spent watching TV series.

Apart from this, the application also It used to handle series who have completed: although no new episodes will appear on your agenda obviously yes you can use it to know how many chapters and seasons had a certain number, and to mark them as seen and how many you They remain to be seen. It also has social options, which means you can add to your friends and share with them your viewing activity and see which lines are popular among users of the application are, and receive recommendations according to your preferences.

How to synchronize your calendar EpisodeCalendar

In EpisodeCalendar, look for the “settings” and “RSS / iCal Feed”. If you want to add to your Google calendar, copy the address iCal, then, in your Google Calendar, go to “Other Calendars> Add by URL”, and in that text field to copy the URL you provided EpisodeCalendar. Voilà !, that’s all you need to do to have your favorite series synchronized with your schedule. This URL should work not only with Google Calendar, but with any other calendar using iCal addresses (which are the standard calendar format).

Another way EpisodeCalendar can alert you when new episodes your series, it is through your Notifications tab, where you can set sending weekly or daily emails will be reminded of upcoming episodes premiering including the option to alert you only If there premieres scheduled

A couple of minutes for configuration, and another couple of minutes to add your favorite shows to your account EpisodeCalendar, and ready. you have no reason to return to lose another chapter, to find out later than the date of release Netflix, or to find out about a plot twist because of a spoiler Twitter.


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