Discovery of a Chinese clone with malware pre-installed at the factory; How is it possible?

Whether that newfound vulnerability put in check all the security of a set, or a piece of code created by x with and interest that creates the problem yourself, the security of any system is often compromised too many times. This is nothing new to Android will not be few updates released to alleviate these problems, but it seems that history is repeating itself on one side, while it was predictable and to have some other background, merely throwing. (more) distrust Asia

Yes, are talking about China, the place where countless clones have come from all popular terminal market: Samsung, HTC, Sony … all have a clone of its flagship model within the borders that mark the Great Wall, and can export by ourselves with many of them (and more than once talked about them and even I have done some analysis on models). The fact is that this could be much more insecure than we think, because G Data has found a Chinese clone has malware from coming out of the factory.

Malware installed and running since out of the box

The German security specialist found when analyzing the Star N9500 ​​ (clone quite popular Samsung Galaxy S4), with malware Factory version of Google Play Store that comes pre-installed with the firmware is actually not the original, but what becomes is the Android.Trojan.Uupay.D Trojan. The problem is quite tricky is able to access to the darkest corners of the phone without realizing it, you can not uninstall the system to come together and send all your data to a server of unknown origin in China, and I think we can take for insurance to give you is not really a Galaxy S4.

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And yes, you read that right, hidden in a false application of Google Play to capture all personal data you can and send them to the Chinese server, or even install more malware without us noticing through applications: an all-in-one persons have devised this system, as it gives them a perfect rear access to install more tools to get us more and more confidential and sensitive data. The trouble is we can not know for sure if the brand thing or some black hands that have entered the production line without anyone noticing, and being completely anonymous Chinese server seems futile to seek to cut heads. And, if you are interested in learning, you can read all the details in the article have been prepared since the company, but has a somewhat alarmist tone.

A disservice to all Chinese manufacturers


This reaches our ears a time when China is rapidly expanding in regards to Android: brands such as Huawei, Lenovo and Oppo settle increasingly international market, or others like Xiaomi OnePlus come stomping, Chinese clones promising characteristics leading to demolition prices are the order of the day … and I doubt much any boss of these brands enjoy reading news Who will want to buy Chinese phones themselves are likely to contain hidden malware in the system that robs us all kinds of information


if Star is ultimately responsible for all this, I think it is very clear where they would cut the weed. However, if due to the latter, this leaves very question the security available to the assembly lines and testing where anyone can come and place his new Trojan in the firmware of a few Chinese clones without anyone realizing it. May not touch the big manufacturers or really promising, but the specter that Android Chinese are bad or yes has probably grown even more with this news too.

And it is not the first time we see that we get things from China entirely unsafe: for example, there are few cases of MP3 players that contain viruses that try to sneak into your computer or security cameras that have malware also attempts to steal data (I will cite examples come to mind). Why Chinese clones would be different in this regard? Is this the real cost of such low prices?

If you think you’re affected, security tools like G Data you can take a much more reliable diagnosis. But you still relying on the Chinese clones after this news? Does the ghost shadow lengthens more or it does not in any way affect your current reputation? If more details come to light about this saga will keep you informed. Application Google Play

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