So is the Umi Zero 2, the “made in china” alternative YotaPhone

Umi Zero 2

Russian manufacturer Yota takes two years highlighting as one of the only ones who have opted for a dual panel on their mobile phones, a front screen like everyone else and a rear electronic ink to allow both reading without tiring the eye and without this we have to consume as much battery.

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But now the Chinese manufacturer Umi is ready to step on the field with a device that also has a rear Electronic ink, but try to save a little-based smartphone implement a less outstanding specifications, and therefore a far less hefty price


From time Umi was limited to show their intentions through promotional images as we see in the header, but really did not disclose any details about the hardware with which will equip your device officially. Yet as always tends to happen in these cases, the rumor mill is already trying to make us follow the road course.

In this way, rumor has it that the Umi Zero 2 could be a device with a front screen of 5.2 inches, with a processor Mediatek MT6752 eight cores, 3GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage memory, all accompanied with a 13-megapixel rear camera and a front of eight.

Given analysis made on 2 YotaPhone our fellow Engadget earlier this year Umi seems difficult to go head to head racing you to the Russians, but although they have been discarded, los rumors that point to an abandonment of Android by Yota Devices perhaps could allow the Chinese get a place among the most distrustful.

Currently there is no official presentation of this device or manner whether it will approach European soil, so must await the mobile is present to evaluate all the cards on the table to what extent will be able to make noise in the market.

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