Dubai 30 years ago and now

Dubai 30 years ago and now

The rapid development of Dubai is a fact that impresses. As well as compare different stages of the city in the last decades.

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Dubai is the spitting image of the paradox: an oasis between the Indian Ocean and the Arabian desert, an advanced city, full of shining skyscrapers >, architectural projects-stopping, obscene luxury and cutting-edge technology, while, with conditions “less than human” for foreign workers according to Human Rights Watch, “modesty” required to dress in women who should not teach the upper part of the arms or legs, arrests for kissing in public, unlawful sex outside marriage and the death penalty for homosexuals, href=”” between other things, by their Islamic law or sharia: the XXI century out of the Bronze Age inside

In view in economics and urban development, Dubai has changed dramatically in recent decades, from to be an underdeveloped city almost futuristic desert sand and paving streets and dusty roads to major highways, the export of pearls harvested by groups of fishermen the oil of the Persian Gulf, small economy to large international trade and global financial business, tourism, aviation and telecommunications. The exploitation of oil fields had been discovered and gain importance and strengthened year after joining the United Arab Emirates are the main reasons for the exorbitant increase in their wealth and urban development. No more need to check the striking differences in the pictures that you see below.

Dubai, 1981 / Today –

Dubai International Airport, years 70/2013 –,

Yacht Club Dubai 1995 / Today – Arabianbusiness. com

Expansion of Dubai, 1982-2012 –


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