By WhatsApp to send any file up to 150MB

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Despite the large number of existing instant messaging applications, yet any gotten down to WhatsApp the throne. Surely not the best, but the huge user base and that “it just works” (well, almost always), make it the application of this type most commonly used.

In addition to text messages, WhatsApp allows you to send pictures, videos, audio clips, our location and contacts. Unfortunately other files not allowed, see documents, MP3 files, applications, etc., and we have to use other services to send or upload these files to the cloud to finish sending a link. With WaSend already have solution because this add enables us send files up to 150MB via WhatsApp conversation.

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wasend send large files whatsapp

music, documents, high resolution photos and more for WhatsApp

explain how it works before you have to leave WaSend clear that only works if the sender and receiver have the application installed. To send large files by WaSend open the App and select those you want to transfer, no matter what format they are. By clicking on the Send button, WhatsApp WaSend deceive you into believing that you are sending videos.

As the size limit for videos on WhatsApp is 15MB, WaSend will create a file of that to the total size of what occupies you want to send. You choose the contact and go. When the ignition receives these files (all) obviously can not be opened by WhatsApp, so you will have to go WaSend will automatically receive all parts and extract to get the original file (document, giant photo, video, music, or whatever).

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A curious but working tool and can get us out of trouble or just to send photos at full resolution. WaSend is free from Google Play and compatible with any Android from version 2.2.

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