Awesome mobile apps to kill time

Awesome mobile apps to kill time

There’s nothing like a good app on your mobile to help you pass the time when you’re bored. There’s so much to choose from. From word games to test your brain to amazing casino games, this article has it all. Keep reading for a definitive list of mobile apps to kill time.

Scrabble on your phone!

This is a must-have app for avid scrabble players. You can play against friends or choose to play against the computer at four different difficulty levels. The game includes all of the latest words, including those that are added to the dictionary each year. It’s fun, simple, and you can even chat with other players while playing if you want to.

Boggle on your phone!

A classic word game that you can take anywhere with this mobile app. Find as many three letter words as possible in just three minutes by rearranging tiles randomly scattered on a four-by-four grid. Just shake your mobile device for a new set of letters every time if yours run out! Come up with anagrams to beat challenging computer opponents.

100 Balls

This is a must-play for anyone who loves puzzles, especially those that involve balls! In 100 Balls, you have to solve all the levels in 100 moves or less.

Sounds easy? Think again. You control a platform holding a number of colored balls and each level requires a certain number of them to be removed while avoiding any falling off the edge. The catch? Your platform can only move horizontally and you can’t touch the ball while they are falling down. Your brain will thank you for this one after all the hours of playing!

Puzzleand mind games

Need your mind sharpened? There’re loads of puzzle apps that have multiple mini-games to really get your brain going through hidden objects, riddles, word games, and more. Check it out to help pass time with fun yet challenging games that will really get your mental juices flowing.

Casinos on your phone!

Who doesn’t love gambling? Especially now there are cool companies like Spin Palace that have some of the hottest casino classics on their site. You can enjoy your favorite casino games on your mobile, including roulette, keno, and many more. If you play responsibly, this is definitely a great way to kill time while having fun at the same time. Think of all the hours of enjoyment it will give!

A quiz machine on your phone!

Who doesn’t love a good quiz every now and then? This app provides countless hours of fun with thousands of trivia questions based on a wide range of topics. Buy your way to the top by answering each question correctly for points. Answer fast enough and you might even earn bonuses! You can play against computer opponents or challenge friends to find out who really knows their stuff. It’s exciting, fun, and the time will fly while playing this game that tests how smart you are in many different ways! With so much to choose from, hopefully you won’t be bored too often at all anymore. Check out these brilliant mobile apps today.

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