The world’s most muscular man

Being a muscular man sure is something that the vast majority of men would like to have and, although overdoing muscle can be perceived as something not so good or so aesthetic, there are also many men who work intensely to achieve it.

The world’s most muscular man

He never imagined that his muscles would grow so much

Such is the case of Ronnie Coleman, a man born in Louisiana, United States on May 13, 1964; better known as “The King.” He is a famous bodybuilder and mister Olympia winner. More than six times, it has been listed by the Guinness Records book as “The Most Muscular Man in the World”. As a child he became very interested in sportsand became an excellent practitioner of American Football.

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He graduated in accounting from Grambling University and also served as a police officer, but despite this, he had an incident with the law, as in 2009 he was arrested for speeding and identified, he did so as a policeman, knowing that his police license had expired in 2003; that was his first version to later debunk her, claiming he was a retired policeman. Because of this confusion he was arrested but paid bail and was able to leave quickly.

Bodybuilding is a discipline focused basically,on intense physical exercises, characterized especially by weightlifting, whose sole purpose is bodybuilding. That is, that the muscle grows, thanks to the use of weights and nutritional supplements based on proteins.

In 2007 he made an important announcement in show business: he decided that he would withdraw from the competition of Mr. Olympia, the most important bodybuilding competition in the world. Despite his retirement, he continued to practice bodybuilding and do long training sessions in the gym. In addition to this, he is dedicated to giving fitness conferences, all over the world, and has his own brand of nutritional supplements called “Ronnie Coleman Signature Series”. This man is quite loved by his admirers not only for his great strength but because he has always proven himself to be a humble and respectful person.

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