Do goblins exist in real life?

Goblins are one of the most enigmatic creatures we’ve ever heard of. In millennial cultures, such as the Vikings and the Celts, it is believed that people of that era could communicate and see other beings of nature, who are now invisible to the current humans who populate the face of the Earth.

Do goblins exist in real life?

Beings of other dimensions

These superior beings of nature have been depicted in different films, animated series and all kinds of fantastic tales today. But they were a reality, for the remote ancestors.

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However, there are several people in the world who claim to perceive these mysterious beings, among which we find elves, fairies, gnomes, pygmies, Ondies, nereids, elves, trolls, among others.

Within the teachings of several ancestral indigenous knowledge, there are two kinds of goblins: the good and the bad. The good ones belong to the Light of the Universe and are called Gnomes or Pygmies. The others are dark and evil and are known as goblins.

Gnomes are characterized by having a long beard and giving fortune and prosperity to those who choose to help. They play in the woods, in the great rocks and waterfalls. Quite the contrary, we have the elves, with their warty and evil noses, besides their totally horrible face.

Some schools of black magic invoke goblins for evil practices, while in white magic you opt for contact with gnomes and pygmies.

One of the places where people have the most presence of goblins and gnomes is in the Amazon. Most tribes believe in these kinds of creatures and not only believe, but claim to maintain relationship with them, physically and spiritually.

And you believe in the existence of these beings?

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