The Tarot Force’s Card Meaning: Kabbalah


The Tarot Force’s Card Meaning: Kabbalah

Known as The Force, this tarot card ranks eleven within the Major Arcanes. In this article we will try to summarize the symbolic features as well as a synthesis of the meanings given to it by most cartomantics specialized in this divinatory method apparently created in Italy during the fifteenth century.

In this card we can observe in front of a woman holding a lion by the jaws, forcing him to keep his mouth open, as a symbol of the great mental, physical and spiritual strength that represents the character of this card.

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Likewise, symbology specialists are quick to point out that the Lion is a symbol of our instintive and primitive part,where our impulses lie, so its domination warns the consultant of the importance of using self-control to maintain controlled our wildest side. It also highlights in order of hierarchies the yellow color of the woman’s suit (symbol of wisdom) and its red layer (sign of action and strength).


Likewise, most tarotists agree to identify this card as a positive sign, which can be translated as good fortune. In fact some practitioners of esotericism advise to visualize or simply see for a while and concentrate this card before undertaking any task or crusade that depends on luck or chance.

Similarly, esotericism associates the Force’s chart with the planet Mars and the Fire element. For his part, the cabalistic relates it to the Hebrew letter Kath and the planet Saturn. The numberology instead relates it to the number eleven, which is almost always associated with the occult,the passive, that which lies beneath the surface, being able to translate as our hidden forces.

In this sense, the cartomantics see in the card of The Force a sign of our will and courage to fight our internal and external enemies in order to preserve our balance, both in the spiritual realm, in the animic and the material. However, it should not be forgotten that this card must always be interpreted in context, according to the cards around it, which are the ones that will give it the true meaning.

Within a question that points towards a final result, the presence of the Force’s card always indicates that the consultant will achieve victory over the situation, so at the moment it does not seem possible, as luck accompanies him. If, on the other hand, the consultant seeks to identify a person with the reading, the presence of this card may be indicating to a strong, self-assured, committed person.

As for the love field, the presence of The Force’s card indicates that the relationship needs the concentration and dedication of the two involved, so that it survives and advances towards a deeper bond. For singles it also indicates the arrival of moments of passion and quite romantic casual encounters.

At the health level, the presence of this card indicates a moment of vitality body energy. If the person consulted is thinking of having any surgery the appearance of this cardreveals that it is a good time to perform the procedure.

If the consultant instead seeks to analyze his work aspect, the Force’s card may indicate possible changes, such as an upgrade or new offers. It also indicates a rather creative moment in the profession we have. For the economic sphere the appearance of this card also speaks of the right time to invest, since there is good luck for business and the possibility of good and large economic income.

And if it appears inverted

So too this tarot card, like all, has a specific meaning if it comes to appear inverted, i.e. head-on in a reading.In that case, if the consultation is of the love type, the force’s charter can mean a moment of instability and communication failures in the couple.

A couple’s counselor or therapy may be required, as instincts and impulses are dominating reason, so you go through a moment where conversing as adults becomes almost impossible. This inverted card also warns of the presence of a cold, calculating woman who will seek to put tares into the relationship.

For its part, if the consultation is on the field of work this card may indicate a moment of employment stagnation and lack of creativity. Economically, the emergence of this card in reverse warns the consultant of the need to be prudent in business as he risks falling into scams or fraud. Care must also be taken when managing resources as it could fall into unforeseen expenses.

In the most advanced occult knowledge, it is known that the Force asks the divinity to be able to overcome itself, because in this way, the energy necessary for the Wizard of the Arcane 1 is obtained.

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