The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning: kabbalah


The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning: kabbalah

Known as The Hanging Man, this tarot card ranks number twelve of the major arcane of this divinatory method that emerged in Italy during the Middle Ages. On this occasion we will try to make a synthesis of the symbolic features as well as most interpretations that make this card the most recognized cartomantics.

In this card we can see a man lying on his head crossed his legs who for most experts in symbology point out the crossing and clash of energies that impede action. The fact that they are upside down, they tell the consultant that at this moment his situation is literally upside down and that he has no control over his actions or events. 

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His hands are also tied which symbolizes for the experts the dependence on which they will say as well as ineptitude or inefficiency. So too that card is interpreted as a disinterest in material things. It may also indicate a kind of altruism or sacrifice and self-denial.


As for the different currents of thought, The Hanging Man Card is related by the Cabalistics to the Hebrew letter Lameth. For its part esotericism prefers to link it with the sign of Libra and the element Air. The numberology, on the other hand, prefers to associate it with the number twelve, which is interpreted by some as a passive number.

Similarly, it is given an interpretation in the spiritual and moody planes, in which the presence of this card almost always indicates the ability to accept vital laws. However, on the material plane the presence of this chart may indicate that some of our energies are manipulated by others. In any case it must always be analyzed in context, because it is the cards that accompany it that will tell us its positive or negative meaning.

Within a reading that seeks to clarify or enliven a final result, the presence of the card of The Hanging indicates success if the question refers to a spiritual or intellectual topic, such as studies. However, in the material field it may indicate inability to achieve the objective or stagnation, as well as a lack of interest in achieving the targets.

If, on the other hand, the consultant tries to specify or identify a person within the reading, The Hanging Man Card can point to a person who has no decision-making power and is always tied to circumstances. You can also point out faithful friends.

Likewise within a reading, if the consultant tries to find out about his love life, the presence of The Hanging Man Card may indicate that the relationship is stagnant and without possibilities of advancement, without those involved can be clear where to they want to go.

In the field of health, the appearance of this card indicates a lack of self-interest. It may even indicate a period of depression or low self-esteem, so it’s a good idea to start appathing yourself a little more.

At the work level, The Hanging Man Card can also indicate a period of apathy and lack of creativity, as well as the impossibility of feeling interest in the profession that is exercised. It can also indicate communication problems with both bosses, juniors and colleagues.

In the economic sphere, most tarotists also indicate that the presence of this card may indicate a waste of energy and money, precisely caused by the lack of interest in the material issues that the consultant may be going through. In this sense you are advised to save and self-control, so as not to fall into deficits or economic ruins.

And if it appears inverted

Likewise, this card (like each and every one of the Tarot’s deck) also has a meaningif it comes to appear inside a reading in reverse, that is, head. For example, in the loving realm the presence of the card The Hanging may indicate deep but short sentimental relationships. It also indicates the time to receive sentimental advice from an adult woman.

On the labour side, according to most tarotists, the presence of this card can indicate to the consultant thatperhaps the time has come to rethink his stay and profession, because a change may be appropriate. However, this card also warns of possible layoffs or changes in the office or workplace.

For its part, in the area of Health the presence of this card also suggests a warning of great importance to the consultant, since it may indicate that the possibility of an accident, together with the The Cart´s Card indicates that it is automotive, accompanied by the world indicates illness as the possibility of a fatal accident, so precautions should be doubled. In the area of money, the card from The Inverted Hanging Man points to possible significant lossof money as well as danger of ruin.

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