Death Card Tarot Meaning: Kabbalah


Death Card Tarot Meaning: Kabbalah

Known as Death, this chart occupies in correlative order the thirteenth position of the Major Arcanes of this divinatory method which apparently dates from the Italian Middle Ages. In this article we will try to synthesize most interpretations and meanings that most cartoonists assign to this deck.

In the death chart we can see a skeleton dressed in armor on a white horse. This spectrum carries in its hand a black banner where you can appreciate the white rose of the four winds, as a symbol that its power of change and transmutation reaches the four cardinal points of the earth.

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Also in front of it lie on the ground several people and standing the pope, which is interpreted by some specialists in symbology as a representation that no one escapes their destiny, and that sooner or later the end of life comes for all. In the background a sun rises, which some identify as a sign that every end is followed by a beginning, as dictated by the cycle of life.


In this sense, most tarot specialists agree that Death’s Card doesn´t necessarily mean someone’s death, but the important and radical changes that approach our lives. It even heralds the birth of new stages in both the material, animic and spiritual realms.

Likewise, the different streams of thought also give it its meaning. For example, for the Cabalistics this card is associated with the Hebrew letter mem, as well as the planet Saturn, although some schools identify it with Mars. For its part, for esotericism, the death card is linked to the flow of the Water element.

For numerology is related to the number thirteen, which results from the sum of 10+3 (the number of god plus the trinity) or the 6+7 also number of great meaning and power, which result in the number thirteen related to the transformation, profound change.

Within a reading, the appearance of this card will always signal the rapid transformation and evolution both in the material plane, in the mood and in the spiritual.

However, like the other cards it is necessary to interpret it in context, that is, to take into account the cards that it accompanies in order to give a positive or negative meaning to the radical changes that this card warns, which nevertheless always points to evolution and growth even though the form it takes is painful, so most agree to point it out as a positive card, which augurs the best of the future, since it always announces complete renewals in all walks of life.

As for the specific blueprints of life, when a consultant gets the Death card when he wants to find out about a specific person he almost always refers to a person who seeks to totally change his life or who lives a complete process Transformation.

If the consultant’s question is more focused on his love life, the appearance of Death’s card may indicate the end of a relationship and the arrival of a new love. If the person is single it also indicates the arrival of a new relationship that will be characterized by being deep and romantic. It may also indicate that as a couple or couple they will decide to start a new life as a change of house.

When it comes to consultations aimed at indeling the field of health, the presence of the card of Death, far in the opposite of what can be thought, warns recovery, and the influx of a new wave of positive feelings.

For the field of work this card brings to the consultant news of positive changes, as well as the arrival of new challenges, an increase in creativity, as well as possible promotions and pay rises. The economic plane is also very well aspected against this card which announces that it is a good time for investment. It might even warn of possible inheritances.

And if it appears inverted

Likewise, like the other Tarot cards, The Death deck also features an interpretation if it comes out or appears inverted, i.e. head. In this case it does not have such a positive meaning, as it indicates that the process of change and evolution will happen in a painful way.

On the love sentimental plane, the appearance of the inverted Death card warns of some crises, deceptions and possible ruptures that will happen if no radical changes are made in the way the couple lives.

In the field of health, Inverted Death announces small health problems as well as slow recovery, so it is necessary to exercise extreme care and improve everyday habits. In the subject of work, the presence of this card tells the consultant about the vital need of changing jobs or industry and starting a new stage in his professional or working life.

Economically, the appearance of this inverted card warns the consultant about the possibility of losing significant sums of money as a result of bad investments. This is not the time to invest, lend or make unnecessary expenses.

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