Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Curiosities - August 31, 2019


Image 1. Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

With the name of Eight of Wands this card occupies the eighth place of the Suit of Wands of the Lesser Arcanes of the Tarot. On this occasion we will present some of the general meanings attributed to this card by the experts in this divinatory method that emerged during the Italian Middle Ages.

Based on the Tarot Rider, in this chart we can observe on the background of a sky blue sky and clear the presence of eight wands that cross the sky from left to right.As in the cards of the aces and in the three of swords, this tarot card is one of the few where you cannot see a human figure.

In each of the wands it can be observed that they squeal leaves as hopes will be treated. They also flow from left to right, which according to some experts in symbology, speaks of the transit that lives an idea from thought to action.

Likewise, the graph of this chart gives the impression that these wands pass through the air very quickly, as if arrows or spears will be treated, being about to hit their target. So many specialists in symbology relate it to the meaning of immediacy, that is, the speed at which our thinking becomes action or concrete facts.


As for its main meaning, the tarotist experts recommend that it be analyzed always in context, that is, taking into account the meaning of the cards with which it is surrounded, so that we can know what this card specifically points to,the Eight of Wands, with its immediate cause-and-effect message.

Likewise, their presence may be warning the consultant about the importance and responsibility they have on thoughts and actions, for they have effects on people and on ourselves, which must always be taken care of, so as not to cause harm to anyone or ourselves.

In this way, in general, the Eight of Wands reminds the consultant of the importance of thinking before acting, that is, the responsibility we have as humans to measure the consequences of our actions, even to measure the extent of our desires, dreams and intentions, for – as some tarot experts point out – as it is above (on the mental plane) is down (earthly plane) and both thought and word are energies that seek their course to be channeled into the material.

As for the material planes of existence, the appearance of the Eight of Wands also tell the consultant that it is time to act, for the paths are free to carry out the ideas that have come about in our minds, so the presence of this card marks the need to act on the spot and quickly. It also indicates that it is time to keep your eyes open, because attention should be paid to the signs of the road.

For its part, the field of work looks very well in the light of this card, because its presence indicates the arrival of good news and the acceleration of processes that we have been waiting for. Thus, if the consultant is looking for employment, the appearance of this card indicates the unexpected arrival of one or more offers, which will put you to decide.

If on the contrary you are employed, the presence of this card also symbolizes the arrival of new job opportunities, both in the company where you are hired and others who have known our work. Economically,the Eight of Wands talks about unexpected payments, opportunities that intersect, as well as a strong and vigorous financial activity that can lead us to make big profits.

For the plane of love this card also speaks of the arrival of unexpected proposals. Some tarotists call the Eight of Wands the arrows of love, since they almost always indicate sentimental or marriage proposals, as well as hasty weddings, children’s arrival or sudden crushes.

However, the presence of this card in a sentimental consultation must be analyzed in context, taking into account the cards of which it is accompanied. Likewise, this card can also speak of the consultant or the person you are wondering that the relationship is going very fast or that it is getting out of hand, so the relationship with other cards should be taken into account, in order to have a bigger picture.

In terms of health, the presence of eight of Wands symbolizes diseases that are rapidly overcome. It can also symbolize great mental activity, a rather creative stage, of which the consultant must be attentive, because while we need to be creating all the time, it is also necessary to seek rest and peace of mind, in order to avoid falling into pictures of anguish.

If it appears inverted

Like the rest of the Tarot cards, the Eight of Wands also has a specific meaning if it appears inverted. In this sense, its meaning of achieving the objectives changes, speaking instead of turbulent situations where you can not clearly see the desired end.

However, the presence of this card – both right and inverted – speaks of the need to be clear that the consultant has enough energy in his hands to achieve his goals.

On a sentimental level,the inverted Eight of Wands warns of the danger of jealousy and the fire of the argument that ignites with its passage. Thus most tarotists identify their inverted appearance within a sentimental consultation as a warning to the consultant to avoid the appearance of these feelings in their love relationship, as they may be attracting with their confusions and until the end of their relationship.

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