The True Story of Elmo

Elmo is a very famous puppet who belongs to the television show Sesame Street or “sesame square” in Latin America.It is a very hairy red puppet with black eyes and orange nose. He’s three and a half years old and his birthday is February 3.

The True Story of Elmo

A puppet with many manipulations

The main function of this puppet is to perform acts where he teaches various things of child interest, such as songs, games and crafts together with his co-stars. Elmo’s favorite color is red and today it has a program just for him, called “The World of Elmo”.

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There in a goldfish named Dorothy and also Mr Noodle; they are responsible for bringing to life a series that is training the majority of infants worldwide, and pertinent to the naked eye, their teachings will be highly appreciated for the high ethical and social value, but behind Elmo, there is one person who is in charge of handling the puppet.

His name is Kevin Clash and he has not only been famous for giving movement to this cute doll, but has also been the protagonist of several pedophilia-related scandals.

KEVIN CLASH was charged by a young man and minor for abusive carnal access. This background has led to many parents reflecting on the issues that an individual with these characteristics and judicial past can convey.

It is no secret that today there are very few nurseries and nannies, so that children stay in front of the TV for many hours, exposed to possible subliminals of all kinds, which can be hidden in tender puppets, or in a beautiful lullaby.

Clash, the one in charge of giving movement to this puppet, has repeatedly claimed to be gay, but denies in its entirety the rumor of abusively accessing a child under the age of 16. This is why he asked for a gap year and today, Igor Cruz and Eduardo Garza, cheer elmo in Sesame Street.

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