Top 5 best exchanges for cryptocurrency

Business, English - April 29, 2020

Cryptocurrencies have gained popularity precisely because of the features provided by anonymity and decentralization — two qualities that are in demand today in the century of the computerization of all processes more than ever before. People started to talk about them since 2015, but this market has reached its peak popularity in 2017, when all the coins started to skyrocket. Over the past several years cryptocurrency market has evolved from a little experiment into a full-fledged financial sector of the economy. In 2015 the total market capitalization of digital assets did not exceed 1 billion USD. Today the figure is about 250 billions, and the number of cryptocurrencies you can trade surpassed the 1100 mark. The number of exchanges where they can be swapped has obviously multiplied too, putting a new question to the users: which one to choose? To help with that we made a list of the top 5 crypto exchanges for the year 2020:

1. ChangeNOW

ChangeNOW is a relatively new player on the market, but it has already conquered a considerable share of it. One of the key distinctive features of the platform is the fact that it provides an opportunity to buy coins using a credit card. If a transaction is recognized by the service as a suspicious one, it is frozen and the user is asked to pass KYC verification procedure. ChangeNOW allows convertation of more than 170 currencies and places no restrictions as to the number of exchanges. Usually the completion of one transaction takes less than fifteen minutes.

2. Quickex

This crypto-swapping platform is undoubtedly among the best ones. Easy to use, this exchange would be great both for advanced users and for beginners. Transactions are made in three simple steps, no signing up is required and the diversity of coins available for trading is astonishing. You can check the market value of token pairs right on the website of the service. Security, speed (the average transaction time is about 5-10 minutes) and no extra fees — that’s why we love Quickex.

3. Swapy

The platform states that it provides its users with the best of all potential exchange rates. One of the main facilities is that you don’t have to place orders to buy or sell manually. It is possibly due to the fact that more than ten exchanges are combined here, providing clients with the most low liquidity and low capitalisation coins at spot price. Swapy supplies a wide range of various currencies for exchange: their number already exceeds 70 and continues to grow. You can track every exchange flow to the wallet right on the screen which is very convenient.

4. Changelly

This exchange rightly takes its place among the best cryptoexchanges. The platform was created in 2015 and today it allows trading in more than 150 coins. To start using Changelly you have to sign up with your email address. If the transaction is evaluated by the service as suspicious, it is paused and the KYC verification procedure is requested. The platform uses a special framework to keep the rates fixed and protect its users from market fluctuations during transactions.


The range of digital coins users can swap is not so wide (30+) in comparison with offerings of some other exchanges, but is still impressive for a young platform. One of its main distinctive features is no requirement for registration: no KYC confirmation will ever trouble you. is quite easy to use and the transactions completion doesn’t take long. It also provides possibility to lock the exchange rate for a few minutes, which happens after you push the“Flyp now” button.