Cl3ver bringing 3D animations to web


Bevelity Hand in hand and presented at the Demo Day Wayra Barcelona, ​​found Cl3ver, a web solution created for sharing interactive 3D scenes on any device with network access.

Cl3ver becomes a very good tool for those who want to editors and programmers promote easier access to your 3D models and animations. The tool includes features like the ability to drag and drop objects imported from Photoshop, AutoCAD, Sketch Up, 3DS Max, Maya and their respective file extensions .3 ds,. Dae,. Obj or. Stl. They can also be imported objects using the plugin 3dmax Cl3ever continue to work directly from the account.

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If we want to continue our models from Cl3ver, we give you the ability to create mappings, real-time reflections, dynamic lighting, textures, and include materials and scenes from the library of the service itself, making an edit with different cameras and approaches.

With all animations to interact and, after finish our project, it can be easily shared on social networks so that users appreciate and enjoy our model.

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