Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Curiosities - August 28, 2019


Image 1. Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

With the name Knight of Cups this card ranks number twelve within the club Cups of the tarot’s minor arcane, although some consider that it actually occupies the second place of the members of the cups club court. This time we offer a synthesis of the interpretations that make most of the experts in this divinatory method.

In this chart – based on the Tarot Rider deck – we can see in profile a knight in armor, who rests on a horse, who does not gallop, but maintains a slow pace,which is interpreted by most experts in symbology as a sign of passivity, which can hardly be related to the nature of the horse, so this card implies something that is out of order.

Behind them flows a river that has hardly water, so it is taken as a second symbol of little activity or energy.

Similarly, the experts point out that the cup that this gentleman holds in his hand contains nothing, which reveals again the unproductive character of this character, who hasn´t been able to make sense of his ideas or objective his actions.

Likewise, most tarotists agree that the appearance of this card warns the consultant of the need to invest our energies in real production processes, otherwise we may fall into energy waste processes that do not lead to positive triumphs or experiences in our lives.

Likewise, for some cartomantics recognized as the celebrated tarotist Rachel Pollack is a striking fact the striking resemblance that apparently have the chart of the older arcane of Death and this card.

Similarly, some cartomantics allude to the symbol of the horse, which is identified as an element of fire, and the presence of the water element, which would be revealing in the card the impossibility of reconciliation between the different planes of the specifically between the material and the spiritual.


According to the people expressed the presence of this card within a reading speaks about news that comes from a new love that will come into our lives to offer us happiness. If the consultant is a woman, sometimes the presence of this card can be taken as a sign that she is having a love affair with someone much younger than her. If, on the contrary, the consultant is a man, the presence of this card may be indicating the need for the consultant to make a thorough review of his emotions and feelings, as well as on the strength and enthusiasm he is actually placing about his life.

In relation to other planes of existence, the appearance of the Knight of Cups Card may also indicate that the consultant is experiencing a period of boredom. For example in the work area, this card may indicate that the consultant is in the midst of a creative crisis,in which he sees no way out.

It can also be interpreted as the need for change even if it is not enough energy to power it. Around the economic scalloping this card may also be referring to the inability to see how to make our lives more productive, because we experience a creative blockor or our ideas are not well focused.

However, this card may also announce long trips, by sea or across oceans, which take the consultant or the person for whom you are wondering to other latitudes. Likewise, even if the spirit and the thrust are paralyzed, this card speaks of the need that the person can have for a change, of the longing to step on new scenarios or live new loves.

If it appears inverted

Like the other tarot cards, the Knight of Cups also takes different meanings if it appears inverted, in which case it refers to qualities diametrically opposed to those announced when the card appears in the right way.

In this case, the presence of the orseCup H in reverse refers to a young person but with great projection capacity and vision for the future. He also talks about the moment when the person abandons the inaction to take the reins of his life and march towards his goals. So you could say that this card takes a positive sense when it appears reversed.

In the loving plane, in which most of the weight of this card resides, it will almost always refer to hidden fears that make the individual, especially if the consultant is a man, be afraid of commitment and the idea of going one step further.

This does not mean at all that you are in the presence of an unromantic lover, on the contrary we can be faced with a rather idealistic and affectionate being, who all the time sends loving signals, but that due to the inaction involved this card is limited to buy Get.

In reverse this can make a different sense, and perhaps indicate the decision on the part of the consultant. However, there are many things to overcome, for the Knight of Cups never implies a good omen for love.

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