Page of Cups Tarot Card Meaning


Page of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

With the name of Page of Cups this card occupies the eleventh position of the cards of the Cup club of the minor arcane of the Tarot, although some tarotists prefer to consider it simply the first card of the decks concerning the figures of the court of the stick of cups. On this occasion we will make a synthesis of the meanings attributed to it by the specialists in this divinatory method.

In this card – based on the tarot rider’s deck – we can see a young man, dressed as a courtier, who holds a golden cup in his hand. On his head he wears a blue hat, which is interpreted by some tarotists as a status symbol, or of being fashionable.

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The costume this character wears is considered by symbolists as clothes of great monetary and social value. The flowers that adorn the top of her wardrobe are identified as tulips, which is marked by most as a symbol of love.

After this character flows a stream of water, which according to the performers cannot be said if it is at rest or turbulent, but which warns that at any time anything can be run over and collapsed by the force of the water, that this case would be as a symbol of emotions, as well as female energy and memory.

Inside the cup that this young man holds with his right hand looms the head of a fish, which is taken by some tarotists as a sign of the psychic side of the consultant, although it is also associated with the sign of pisces, as well as the adaptability that each u Lol


According to the majority of experts in this divinatory method born in Italy of the Middle Ages, the presence of  Page of Cups within a reading speaks of the loving experiences that may be living or by the consultant. He also talks about someone who comes up with loving intentions.

This card speaks of sharing, of receiving loving proposals. If the person you are consulting is single, the presence of Page of Cups may be announcing the beginning of a romantic relationship. It may also refer to a marriage proposal or the news of a pregnancy.

At other levels of existence, such as the field of work, this card may refer to the consultant’s ability to pass on his experience and creativity to new projects, causing new energies and directions to be rejuvenated and taken on course.

In the field of studies this card can signal the great psychic and intellectual strength of the consultant or the person for whom he wonders. You can also announce that the person viewing the cards is about to begin studying hidden sciences.

Likewise, this card always involves with its presence the announcement of new things, be it a loving relationship, a new job, a new career, projects and even a new stage in life, where the consultant may be attracted to disciplines such as yoga, vegetarianism, meditation or the study of branches of transcendental knowledge.

The consultant may even decide to be born to a new religion, for the psychic and spiritual message of this card is quite strong and profound. Likewise, the presence of  Page of Cups can indicate the need for the person who consults the tarot to renew himself and even to give his life an influence of youth and dynamism to his life.

If, on the contrary, with our reading we are trying to identify someone in specific, this card refers to a person of young, creative spirit,related to the world of the arts and imagination, which is possessed by a great psychic force. It also talks about someone who will bring new and good news to our personal realm.

However, some tarotists also refer to the presence of Page of Cups warning the consultant that moments of renewal and change are coming for which he must be prepared both with the strength and the thrust, which will allow him to undertake new directions, as with the flexibility and creativity that will make you understand the futures of life.

If it appears inverted

Like the other tarot cards, the Cup Jack also has a meaning if it comes to appear inverted within a reading, which can be interpreted as the consultant’s inability to control his emotions. It may also be referring to the lack of psychic harmony on the part of the queryer.

A great force that cannot be controlled. It also takes a sense diametrically opposed to its right-hand appearance, so its presence heralds the arrival of bad news,such as the end of a project in which we had a lot of faith, the breakup with the couple, the dismissal of the work, and even someone’s illness.

As for a specific person, the presence of this card in reverse may indicate that this individual goes through or experiencing times of dependence on certain substances such as drugs or alcohol.

In combination with other cards

Likewise this card takes on different meanings if it appears in the company of other cards. For example, next to the Cup Ace card may indicate the formalization of a courtship. Next to Death announces an upcoming mourning for someone young. Inverted also has specific meanings if it appears next to other cards. In the company of the Queen of Wands, the Cup Jack warns the consultant about a dangerous woman with which she maintains a friendship that will not bring him positive things.

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