Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning


Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Known as The  Knight of Wands, this card comes to occupy the number twelve place of the Wands stick of the Lesser Arcanes of the Tarot. On this occasion we want to offer a summary of the generality of interpretations made by experts in this divinatory method, which emerged – according to their scholars – in The Italy of the Middle Ages.

In this card we can see a Knight on a breezy horse, who traverses the card from right to left, that is, from action to thought, which could be interpreted as acting that presupposes to thought or reflection.

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Likewise, it can be observed that he is dressed in yellow and has in his hand a wand, symbolizing the element of fire, mounted on his horse then represents the movement of fire, that is the action, which involves travel, movements, displacements and beginnings. Behind him also – as in the Page of Wands – you can see three pyramids, which represent each of the planes of an individual’s existence: material, spiritual and mental.

However, the Knights, although they represent a little more maturity than jacks, do not come to have the maturity of a Queen or a King, so they can bring within their meanings certain traits of instability.

Similarly, some experts in symbology refer to the salamanders that adorn this Knight’s clothing, as none of them manages to bite the tail,so it refers to actions that have begun, but which have nevertheless failed to conclude Still. That is, actions or journeys that have been undertaken, with adventurous emotion, but which have not yet achieved their task.


As for the specific plans of existence, the presence of this card should always be analyzed in context, since its appearance can bring us both positive and negative aspects. For example, in the field of work, the appearance of the Knight of Wands gives us an account of the impulse and passion that someone can feel for their work, however this card may also be warning of a certain vice of saying “yes” to everything and then not knowing how to assume and fulfill the responsibilities.

In this way, this card may be advising on the risk of living with the eternal complex of always wanting to be the hero, so a little reflection, maturity and sincerity wouldn´t hurt us.

For the loving field this card also has special attentions, because it gives us references about a couple or a very attractive love, which however may not have intentions to establish lasting bonds, because he loves his freedom and living the moment. In this sense, the presence of the Knight of Wands brings us messages of the arrival of a being that will dazzle us by its brightness, which attracts all, and with whom great moments of passion await us, not so the establishment of a relationship.

For this Knight of Wands even when it shines and is the soul of every meeting in the background is extremely insecure and is very afraid of commitment,so establishing a long-term relationship with this person can be an investment that doesn´t bring us good reward s.

The economic plane must also be alert to the appearance of the Knight of Wands because although it comes with a clear message of beginnings, passion and courage, it may also be warning us about the need to control our impulses in terms of expenditure, as it may also be warning us of the need to control our impulses in terms of expenditure, as it spending more than we produce can bring us debt problems.

Likewise, the Knight of Wands talks about the need to trust ourselves more, so we cannot forget that sometimes attitude is the key that opens the door to good business. In this way we must work to improve what we show the world, what appearance others see in us.

In relation to health, the appearance of this card may indicate that the consultant is going through a stage of discouragement, which must be fought with a little joy and adventure, because sometimes these pictures of apathy can become chronic and lead to depressions Deep. In this sense perhaps the Knight of Wands can appear within a reading to remind the consultant how important it is to rescue the salt of life, to from the enthusiasm and joy to undertake new directions.

It also speaks of the need to maintain patience and calm, for everything has its moment in life, it is with joy and patience that things are achieved, because impatience and depression only causes us to attract negative things to our material plane.

If it appears inverted

Like all Tarot cards, the presence of the Knight of Wands also has a specific meaning if it appears inverted, i.e. headlong. Although it must be analyzed in context, the presence of this card always speaks about the need to control anxiety, because there are moments when any misstep could cause us to fall and lose the position in which we find ourselves.

It is also necessary to have the capacity to remain calm despite the storm, because the inverted position of this card heralds the advent of storms for which we must be prepared, in order to preserve what has been built so far.

It also brings with it a message of perseverance, since the inverted Knight of Wands also refers to projects that encounter constant impediments to being realized, situations that can bring confusion and disharmony.

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