Did the true Hello Kitty story exist in real life?

I’m sure we all got to hear hello kitty at some point, we might even have had some product of sucha lovely kitten that became a fashion hit in every respect, but what could be behind it all?

Did the true Hello Kitty story exist in real life?

A girl with cancer

Hello Kitty is a character created by designer Ikaka Shimizu, a Japanese designer, and acquired copyright in 1976 and was acquired by the Japanese company Sanrio in 1976, and has long been its flagship product, to the point of having exclusive stores of Hello Kitty in many countries of the world, by the hand of Yuko Yamaguchi.

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Hello Kitty is a kitten full of beauty, tenderness and charm who even managed to become a Unicef ambassador and tourism ambassador to Japan and has become the worship of children, adolescents and even adults.

But could some dark secret be hidden behind such a charismatic and charming character? Legend has it that there was a woman whose only daughter had irreversible mouth cancer and to which the Galens had already evicted. She had gone to many churches and worships, but nowhere could she find a cure for her daughter.

The woman, desperate, would have gone to satanic cults and would have made a pact with the devil and the devil, in consideration of healing the daughter, would have entrusted her with the task of designing for him an idol to be worshipped by the crowds, for the secret purpose of divert the attention of Children and Adolescents from God and immerse them in idolatry and the worship of material things.

This last part would not have been communicated to Ikaka and she only thought that she was designinga cute and big kitten would be her surprise when she learned that all she was asked to do was create a kitten.

Legend has it that when the doll was finished, the girl healed from her illness completely, however, and as a curiosity, she would have designed Hello Kitty without a mouth because of the mouth cancer she had suffered if daughter.

However, not for the question. Some continue to argue that the same name of the kitten is a greeting to the demon and that means: Hello demon, although the detractors argue that it means hello kitty. Let’s see: The Japanese name is written like this: syllalo, and it is pronounced as Haroó kitií, however, if we look at calligraphy, the way to write, both hello and to write cat and kitten is different from that used when writing Hello Kitty.

It is true that the name passed into English as Hello Kitty, and hello means hello. As for the following term means cat it is difficult to defend it since kitten in English is kitten. However, kitty has become a loving way of saying kitty.

Thus, Hello Kitty may not mean “hello kitty”, but “hello demon”. The resemblance between Japanese and English Hello is notorious. However, it could also mean as much as“I adore you demon”.

After all, and according to legend, the demon wanted a character to be created that would be worshipped by the whole world, and Hello Kitty would have become just that, an act of idolatry that diverts young people from important things and makes them fall into vanity d the world.

Beyond that, Samrio in 2014 left the sentenced question when she claimed Hello Kitty was not a kitten. They claim that she is a cartoon character, who is a girl, a friend, but not a cat, which neither one nor the other claims and continues to leave the ground open to speculation.

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