The True Story of the Voices from Hell

It has been quite some time since an audio was made famous in which unintelligible noises and voices were heard and in which, according to the versions circulating, the heartbreaking lament of the souls imprisoned in hell would be heard.

Psychophonies and recordings from beyond the grave

Indeed, psychophony circulated under the name “The Voices of Hell” and came to serve as the basis, both sects and gullibles to frighten or found such or such belief.

It all started in the early 1970s when a group of Soviet geologists began drilling what was called the Kola well, near the Russian city of Zapolyarny, and which by 1989 ended up reaching a depth of just over 12 kilometers, surpassing the Bertha Rogers well, nearly 10 kilometers deep, near Oklahoma in the United States.

By then, the temperature, which reached 180 degrees, made it technically impossible to continue the excavation.

So far the point where the true story ends and the fable begins. The other story tells that scientists bugged deep in the tunnel and then captured what appeared to be human voices.

The boldest ensured that the temperature reached a thousand degrees Celsius, however, that contradicts the fact that some recording device could capture some sound before failing or melting. Likewise, the story is put to man of an alleged doctor Azzacov, and published in the imaginary newspaper Ammennusatia. Clearly, neither of us exists.

But the most curious thing is that the recording circulating on the web is not even remotely in russian language, and it seems that the souls of hell speak Spanish because when reversing the audio we can hear expressions like: “dont touch me, I take them, what will you do to me? , let me out, I don’t care, hallelujah, Satan, hallelujah, glory to God”.

If it is hell, there seems to be freedom to have prayers to God and to invoke Him, which is pretty good. And if there were flames, they don’t seem to cause any pain because the voices don’t provide any kind of whining in that sense.

Beyond that, the recording really seems to belong to a session of exorcism, we can even hear the gasps of what appears to be a female voice that resists the procedure and exclamations to God by a male voice. In addition, the alleged psychophony was added a background noise and it is possible to perceive loops and repetitions.

The voices of hell were nothing more than a joke, a diver of someone who came up with the case of reversing the audio and publishing it, adorning it with a pseudo-story. However, this person did not expect to give someone else to reverse the audio again, inadvertently returning it to its original state, and exposing the fraud.

In various places on the planet, it has been possible to obtain unexplained recordings, which many have attributed to being the voices of hell, from those infradimensional regions of this planetary sphere that we inhabit.

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The True Story of the Voices from Hell
Source: curiosities  
July 31, 2019

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