The world’s darkest baby

Neither people nor black babies are really black in the absolute sense. However, on social media and on the internet in general, by mid-2015, there was great controversy over what would be the baby with the darkest skin in the world.

The world’s darkest baby

The color of your skin is darker than charcoal

The photos began to circulate in bulk and a whole lot of stories were created around it, as well as various comments, whether of doubt or affirmation, of amazement or rejection.It was even speculated that it could be a variant of albinism, only in its opposite version. Apparently the child would have been born in South Africa and would be about a year old.

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The news was so revolutionary that even large news portals came to address it, albeit really with insufficient data, which has undermined it. Indeed, the information on this is so poor that his name, his gender,the hospital where he was born were never known, the city and, what is more, not even the name of his parents.

But the reason for that is more than enough. It was all a joke and the world’s darkest kid was just one more fraud of the many that circulate on the net, and it really was just a toy, even that had been put up for sale on eBay.

The gorilla baby, the name assigned on that platform, was available for sale to the public for a price of $65 and possibly the photos that circulated at the time, as well as the story that was woven, was only a marketing campaign by the developers of the product to incentivize sales or, in another case, the action of someone who accessed the site and the product and found it interesting to circulate the story, with or without intending to pose as true.

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