What happens when one dies?

Curiosities, English - December 14, 2022

One of the crucial questions that every person should ask themselves is what happens when one dies? Well, if it is inevitable, if sooner or later for X or Y cause it is going to perish, it would be fair to know what happens next or if there is no such event.

But the fear caused by the ignorance of death, leads the majority to ignore the subject and prefer not to delve into it, emerging popular cliché phrases such as: “nobody knows what there is after death”, “nobody has gone and returned”, “only God knows that”, etc.

Post Mortem description step by step

At the moment in which the heartbeat stops and vital signs disappear, what is now known as “doctors” classifies an individual as deceased. But he actually hasn’t died. He has entered a deep state of trance, which lasts for about 72 hours.

On any of those three days, the soul can return to the body again, but the traditional official medicine, with a diploma course, completely ignores everything related to the invisible. What did not happen with our ancestors, well, not until a few decades ago, the wakes lasted three days and the stories of the deceased who woke up heading to the cemetery or in it, swarmed everywhere.

Today the same thing no longer happens. The business of death has become very profitable and just by listening to the medical opinion, several undertaker “pimps” pounce to win the corpse, to later open it and dissect it. Or if it is not that in the same medical center they perform the autopsy and fill it with formaldehyde, burning the internal organs.

Practically the ignorance of the mysteries of life and death, every day causes hundreds of souls to be unable to return, because there are several possibilities that in those 72 hours the dying person will come back to life. It sounds like fiction, but scientifically it can be verified with a device that measures the electromagnetic activity of the brain. Curiously, even though all the other vital functions have ceased, the brain continues with an almost imperceptible activity that can be captured by specialized devices for studying catalepsy.

If you were to ask a gravedigger how many corpses he has exhumed, with hands and nails nailed to the coffin lids as if at some point they had tried to get out, he would say many. Especially those old gravediggers from the villages. Today people are buried alive or stuffed before their time.

But now let us study what happens to the soul. The soul is judged in three different judgments during those 72 hours. First, he makes a detailed recap of all his actions, states and events that he experienced from the last second to the first at birth. At the end of the recapitulation, he compares what he lived with the plan of existence that that soul would have proposed as a mission when taking this existence.

Most do not fulfill such purpose or mission

That happens when here in this three-dimensional plane 5 minutes have elapsed. The second trial begins at that moment and the soul is taken before the Lords of the Divine Law, some Angels in charge of those tasks of the cosmic balance, who will weigh its evil and tell it, because it is divided into thousands and thousands of defects. Psychological such as anger, greed, bad temper, worries, vices, aberrations, frustrations, revenge, hatred, grudges, envy, jealousy, etc, etc, etc,.

That happens for 24 hours here, after you’ve entered that cataleptic stage. Since thoughts, emotions, words and actions are energy that crystallizes into matter, they can obviously be weighed. In Quantum Physics, the units of measurement of energy weight is “Moles”, the weight of atoms.

After determining those figures, they compare them with the previous results, when the soul presented itself to render accounts again. It is very important to take into account that 108 existences with human physical bodies are granted. Each existence is an opportunity to free oneself from the wheel of births and deaths, to defeat death itself and ascend to a higher level than the human, that is, to the angelic, the devic, the spiritual.

Immediately, the soul is transferred to the Great Court of Divine Justice, where Anubis officiates, the Egyptian Hierarch who judges all souls at the end of their lives. Before Him, His Court of 42 Supreme Judges and the Great Cosmic Scales, the good and bad works are weighed.

This happens around 48 hours after the alleged death, where they also tell him the number of times each of the forms of evil manifested itself, such as the times he yelled, insulted, cursed, fornicated, masturbated, who stole, who lied, who was envious, who slandered, etc.

Lastly, they value the spiritual work that he has done. This evaluation is carried out using as a reference the measure of the fire in the spine, which could only have awakened and risen if sexual magic or Arcane AZF was worked with the Three Factors of the Revolution of Consciousness.

When all these operations of additions and subtractions of broken have been gathered, the Grand Supreme Court orders the Angel of Death to cut the silver cord that links the physical body with the soul and in that case, in the next 24 hours to complete the 72, the person dies completely. But it happens that before that order, the Divine Spiritual Mother of the disembodied can intercede for him and request that he be returned and that will be done. But at present, the doctors are killing the bodies of hundreds of souls that could return.

If he totally dies and does not wake up in those 72 hours, the soul enters limbo to wait for a new physical body. At birth he forgets everything. But if the 108 existences have been exhausted, the soul enters the infernal worlds so that nature itself purifies with fire and pain the psychological elements that in life that soul had to eliminate, but did not do so because it was entertained with the social system in which it existed. that unfolded, in addition to the egoic self-satisfaction of the physical senses.