Man marries lizard for interest

Marriage is the act by which two people are united by means of certain rites or legal formalities so that they commit to live together and come to form a new family. Traditionally, marriage is between a man and a woman, and in more recent times, paths are being opened to equal marriage, that is, the union between two people, without distinction as to whether they are two men or two women, and with similar or equal rights as heterosexual marriage.

An outstanding marriage

However, what a Mexican mayor did goes far beyond anything we could have imagined, as the man married an animal, more precisely a lizard, and did so out of interest. He is Joel Vasquez Rojas, the municipal president of San Pedro Huamelula, a fishing town in Oaxaca, who in mid-2015 married “Maria Isabel”, the name given to the bride.

The causes of the curious union

As in a traditional wedding, the bride arrived dressed in white for the ceremony, which was preceded by festive music typical of the region and attended by several locals eager to witness the marriage. The “girl princess”, and “Uapis princess”, other names that have also been given to the reptile, was taken from house to house and then given in marriage to the man by Hugo Gonzales, the godfather of the bride.

The rite was organized by a local Indian in the presence of a local priest, and is part of an annual tradition that aims “to be part of the harmony that should exist between the environment and human beings,” as the husband has said.

Likewise, it is an act through which the indigenous Chontales ask for prosperity and tranquility of their region, as well as to bring good luck to both fishermen and farmers of the place, so that there is no lack of rain and no shortage of food, among several other requests.

The reason for marrying a lizard is because it is associated with water and fish, two fundamental aspects of the economy and culture of the inhabitants of the region.

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Man marries lizard for interest
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April 1, 2020

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