Manga-Camera: manga effect to your photos

Manga-Camera: manga effect to your photos

Like the manga? Do you usually take pictures with your iPhone? If you answered yes to both questions, this app interests you. Called Manga-Camera and is a app that lets you apply some funny manga style effects to your photos.

Manga-Camera turns your photos into original manga cartoons in just a few steps. Just select the frame you want to use (there are over 20 different), and shoot. The effect applies Instantly, and you can keep your photo in the Camera Roll on your iPhone or share it on Facebook and Twitter.

In configuration options, you can also choose the cartoon that frame your photo, Beam-Camera also lets you configure the Facebook and Twitter accounts, and select the ambient light you have to apply the effect correctly.

As cons, Beam-Camera can not use photos you already have on Reel (only you make at that time with the program) and does not include options for tuning the result once you have applied the filter.

But a funny app you can get the results very funny. Manga-Camera is available free in the App Store for iPhone.

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