How to install Chrome Canvas in Android, the new web application, drawing from Google

English - December 20, 2018

Google already has its own drawing application, or better said, web application drawing, and is that Chrome Canvas is your new web application progressive that the company has launched for Android devices, Chromebooks and any PC with the Chrome browser.

If you want to install in your Android device, the new Chrome Canvas to continue reading, so you will only have to perform three simple steps.

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Add to Chrome Canvas in your Android


  1. go tothe” from Chrome, Firefox or any web browser for Android is compatible with WebAssembly.
  2. Click on “Add Canvas to the display of icon”
  3. Confirm by clicking on “Add”.

The web application Chrome Canvas will be installed as an application on your Android device. If you then want to remove this application you will have to uninstall it just like any other Android application.

this is the Canvas

Chrome Canvas is a simple drawing application that offers us four brushes and a draft that we can adjust its size and opacity, and color through his palette. Account with options to undo and redo, and another to export in PNG our drawings.

we Can begin to draw from a blank canvas or from a image or photo from the option “New from image” that we find in the main view of Chrome Canvas. This web application saved in the cloud our creations, that’s why we can login with our Google account. Pathway | 9to5Google

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