Why is it so popular Coca-Cola in Mexico?

English - May 19, 2016

The consumption of Coca-Cola in Mexico continues despite having a special tax from 2014, Why does this happen?

There is no doubt that Coca-Cola is a giant. The company is at the forefront of most consumed brands in the world and not in few countries are in the same position. Only in Mexico, according to the analysis and consumer research Kantar Worldpanel called Brand Footprint, drink it was consumed by 99% of Mexicans who make up the study sample; an impressive figure when you take into account respondents said they came to buy the product 82 times a year on average, this figure corresponds to the year 2014.

99% Mexicans make up the study reported having consumed drink and have bought up about 82 times a year on average

the surprise is even greater when one considers that since 2014 sugary drinks in general and other products were taxed with the so-called Special tax on Production and Services (STPS), equivalent to a weight plus tax per liter. At that time, the Chamber of Deputies said that this assessment was trying to curb the excessive consumption of sugary drinks, tax collection and tackling public health problem related to obesity has increased in the country in alarming numbers, especially in children. The Country Manager of Kantar Worldpanel Mexico declared that the health problem in Mexico is not going to be solved with a tax.

you can say that sales of Coca-Cola yes resented the tax, and perhaps many campaigns against of junk products, as sales in 2014 were three times lower than a year earlier in the same period; however, the company remains at the forefront of the most consumed in Mexico.

The Coca-Cola has such a presence in Mexican tables even surprises people visiting the country, likewise the they are living in Mexico. Culturally drink is rooted as an important part of meals. A small sample of this would be the photograph of the Mexican family collection and photographer Peter Menzel’s book and the writer D’Aluisio called Hungry Planet: What The World Eats. In this picture we see what regularly consume the Casales family of Cuernavaca week; this includes 12 bottles of Coca-Cola two-liter for two adults and three children. surprising but not uncommon figure in Mexican homes.

Peter Menzel – Hungry Planet: What The World Eats

Xavee (dA)

part of the answer lies in this: the custom and family tradition. However, it also awards a key element in the preparation of the drink particularly in Mexico: sugar cane. Product has been equated with other drugs, was even noted by Paul van der Velpen, responsible for Health Amsterdam, as the “most dangerous and addictive drug of all time.”

Unlike other countries, in Mexico Coca-Cola is sweetened with cane sugar

Unlike as the drink is done in other countries, Mexican Coke sweetened with sugar cane; in the US for example sweetened with corn syrup. This difference has made the Coca Cola Mexico a product of luxury even in the US territory is reached to sell at twice the price as Coca Cola that country. This fact occurs throughout the United States, se notes that from Los Angeles to New York; ie the Mexican Coke is a product with high demand even outside the Mexican territory. Some say that this success is due to Mexican bottles are glass while in the United States these disappeared in the 80s and only presentations are plastic or can.

Be the taste of sugar, glass bottles or, as popularly discussed in Mexico, water is “good”, the success of Coca-Cola is a fact that no taxes have been reduced significantly. Something serious when you consider that Mexico has the highest obesity rates in Latin America because at least 70% of adults are overweight or obese and an alarming increase in child obesity