Marvel Video Games Coming to Consoles

Marvel Video Games Coming to Consoles

Marvel is huge right now, and the movies based on comic books are going to go down as some of the highest grossing films of all time. That means anything to do with Marvel is going to be huge. Coming up, there are two huge Marvel games coming to consoles to get excited about. One comes out this summer, and another next year. For starters, here’s a look at the title closer to release, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

E3 just finished up, and we got to see more of these games. Players are all about Marvel thanks to the movies, and it is getting to be a bit demanding that a great superhero game gets released. In the 2000s, and even before on older consoles, superhero games were everywhere. X-Men arcade cabinets were some of the most popular around the arcade, and many Batman games have dominated the gaming universe for decades now. Superheroes do well in video games, and these Marvel titles are sure to follow suit. For starters, here’s a look at the title closer to release, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance games are not new. In fact, the first two came out almost two console generations ago, on PS3 and Xbox 360. These games were popular for a few key reasons. For starters, you could play as a number of Marvel heroes and enjoy using all of their powers. This game operates under a sort of team mechanism that makes it so the player can switch between one of four heroes at a time and utilize each character’s strength to their advantage.

Another huge perk of this game was the art style. The design and characters of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games are very cartoonish, and not in a bad way. In fact, the art style of these games is very true to the original comic books starring these Marvel favorites. With shading and bright colors, the darker themes of some more serious games are left behind for a true comic book comes to live experience. The game is going to feature over 25 characters, including X-Men, Avengers, and Marvel favorites like Spider-Man and Deadpool.

Teaming these characters up is going to be fun, because special power ups are possible with different teams. For example, a Women of Marvel perk is given when you team up all female superheroes. Likewise, Spider-Man characters yield a Web Warrior perk. A number of others make certain combinations desirable. The game is written and designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch, and comes out July 19th.


Square Enix is a titan of gaming. From Final Fantasy to the Kingdom Hearts games, RPGs and action titles made by Square Enix are sure to be a hit. Team up that team with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes should be a great partnership. This game is not  related to the movies whatsoever, but features a great story nevertheless. The game is going to be set in a time where the Avengers are truly celebrities and heroes.

While opening a headquarters near San Francisco, a helicopter full of dangerous terrigen energy is attempted to be stolen, and the copter goes down, damaging and killing a lot of people. Captain America is hurt or injured in the incident. The game will then hop 5 years down the road to A-Day, the anniversary of when the Avengers were broken up because of the accident. The characters are all played by well known actors, with Nolan North playing Tony Stark, Troy Baker becoming Hulk, or better known as Bruce Banner, Laura Bailey spinning into the Black Widow role, Travis Willingham playing the God of Thunder Thor, and Jeff Schine going all-American with Captain America.

The game is still largely shrouded in mystery. E3 showed some gameplay off, and it looks like the title will be in third person. Each hero is set to have a very different feel to them, which makes sense. Hulk should not control like Iron Man, nor should Thor feel like you are playing with Black Widow. With so much still left to be discovered, it is surprising the release date is so relatively close. The game is set to come out May 15, 2020. It will be a big title for the end of the PS4 and Xbox One, which are both expected to release new consoles in 2020 towards the holidays.


When reading Marvel comic books, the only thing better than seeing the pages play out these great adventures is getting to play them! A hand in the adventures of Marvel heroes like Wolverine, Captain America, or Spider-Gwen are just an arm’s length away when these two great Marvel games come out this year and the next. Get ready to suit up!

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