Better that no one will see it: it creates a private space in your Android device to save photos, videos, or apps with PrivateMe

English - April 15, 2017

A mobile device today contains sensitive information that must be protected of the gaze of others. There are many alternatives that gives the own Android system, with options like this, for that information is always well protected when our phone has to go through other hands.

PrivateMe is an app that removes any trace left by the user to the create a “protected environment, and isolated” from the own Android operating system in which you can save apps, pictures and video. Its main objective is that you have control of your privacy and a space in which you feel that no one can access it, almost as if it doesn’t exist on the phone.

privacy Control of your phone without ROOT

The basic operation of PrivateMe is hide apps instead of block. To do this we will need our mobile phone to have ROOT privileges. And the truth that is able to do this in a fairly simple way and special which sets it apart from other apps of the same category.

PrivateMe clone the apps you want to leave in the shadow to take them to the protected space that will remain isolated from unwanted eyes. The clonarlas, it means that you can create a shortcut to Instagram with a specific account, while the original, and that appears to the view of all, it can be used with another account. If you want more privacy, you can delete the app original and let the cloned in this safe space that is in if PrivateMe.

In this way, we will have the total control over the privacy of our phone, and even we will be able to ‘mute’ notifications that appear in the status bar if you so wish.

How does it work?

PrivateMe get delete the files that you want to remain hidden from the operating system and insulated in his own ‘security environment’.

What is striking about this app is that it is fairly easy to set it up, from the moment that we start, we will have the option to add apps from the button at the top right. Once this is done, PrivateMe will clone the application in its own isolated system of Android. that Is when we will be able to delete the app from the OS so as to keep it completely private, or to leave it, to have two apps with two different accounts on the same phone.

PrivateMe have their own space to save the images that you want from a ‘Private Album’. From the gallery simply click the images and videos and select ‘Hide’. This private content is fully transferred to PrivateMe and will be deleted from the file system of Android. Even if you connect the phone to the PC, those images and videos will not appear.

Points to note

it Is important that let’s set up the virtual keys own of PrivateMe, which, being in front of a ‘mini OS’ which operates for its own account in Android, we can navigate between the apps ‘private’ without having to exit and re-enter from the main application.

we Can access your settings from the side navigation pane to the select the ‘Quick Touch’. When you trigger this function, we will be directed to the settings of the app so they can activate the ‘Display Floating Windows’ from the option ‘permissions’.

Remember that if you erase this application, you all the data stored in it will be lost, so it is important that before the pass to the local memory of your device. If you have a mind forgetful, you can activate the feature ‘Prevent Uninstallation’ from the side navigation panel.

Hiding PrivateMe

Made all the previous configurations, it is the time of the ‘hide’ button to PrivateMe’. Back in the side navigation pane and click on ‘Protection for PrivateMe’. We will have two options, one to ‘hide’ the app, and another to simply lock it with a code.

it is recommended to use ‘Cover PrivateMe’ to hide it in the drawer of apps. When you do this, the become a calculator ‘false’ and whenever we want to enter PrivateMe you will have to enter the code that we have previously configured.

One app that you may be surprised by the utility that gives and for the great welcome that has been in the Google Play Store. Is available for free with advertising to try out the experience of privacy it offers without spending a euro. If you want to remove the ads, you have the option of accessing the payment of a monthly subscription of 1,09 euro per month or yearly for 15,99 euro.

Hide App, Safe Chat -PrivateMe2.0.8

  • Android Version: the since 4.0
  • Developer: TRIGTECH (AppLock,Hide apps,Parallel accounts)
  • Download: Google Play
  • Price: the Free
  • Category: Dating

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