The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have NFC chip

s4 galaxy nfc battery The battery of Samsung Galaxy S4 will have NFC chip

The imminent provoked a torrent of rumors on the Web If you do anything talk about possible 3D camera , now have to talk about your battery. We know that the battery in the new beast will have 2600 mAh Korean. But the highlight is the fact that within this battery will have an NFC chip .

This battery would be the same as the Samsung Galaxy S3, which also includes a chip NFC. As you will know this technology allows us to communicate wirelessly with another compatible device.

This way we can pass data at an incredible rate only passing the device a few inches of the receiver. Also note that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a battery of 2100 mAh 500mAh so these will most vidilla over the new Samsung workhorse. samsung The battery s4 galaxy Samsung Galaxy S4 NFC chip will

It is clear that until next March 14 Samsung boys will be leaking information about the Samsung Galaxy S4 . It is an obvious fact that this type of event attracts more and more people and you have to warm things up for the social mass not disappoint with the new beast Korean …

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The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have NFC chip
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March 13, 2013

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