The world’s smallest woman

In the world there are people of the most varied contexts and, although usually being within the average margins is best for most people, when some physical condition is extreme it is sometimes beneficial to the point of becoming deserving of some Guinness World Record. Such is the case of Jyoti Amge, the smallest woman in the world.

The world’s smallest woman

Dwarfism in society

Dwarfism is often uncomfortable for those who suffer from it because our society has no mechanisms in place for people of short stature, which makes people of short stature feel relegated and even reject their condition.

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But the same is not the case with Jyoti who, contrary to being overwhelmed by his particular situation, is very proud of it and states that having entered the Guinness Records book has become a stimulus for his life.

Jyoti Amge, a 23-year-old woman, was born in Nagpur, a city in the northwestern state of Maharashtra state in India, on December 16, 1993 and has been named the youngest woman in the world,as she is only 62.5 cm tall and weighing approximately 11 kilos.

This young woman was born with a rare disease known as “acondroplasia”, a pathology associated with genetic mutations that only occurs once in every 25,000 children which is one of the main causes of dwarfism, giving rise to conditions such as macrocephaly and legs and arms of very short length.

Jyoti, was recognized as the smallest woman in the world in 2011 and has since maintained her title consecutively, ratifying it year after year which has been a big change for the little woman who has appeared in multiple television shows, and even in one of the seasons of the American Horror Story: Freak Show where she played the role of Ma Petite.

The medical prognosis

Scientists say this young woman won’t be able to grow any more, as the disease has changed her DNA. He is the only member of the family who suffers from this rare disease, as his entire family has a normal height, so it is ruled out that it is a genetic phenomenon. However, that is not something that concerns little Jyoti too much, who despite her age is the height of a two-year-old,although none of it has prevented her from leading a normal life.


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