The first cloned dinosaur in history

Science has made really impressive progress in recent decades. If for better or worse it is not yet possible to know, but its development does not stop, and is especially noticeable in the field of genetics.

The first cloned dinosaur in history

A scientific feat

This time, as if taken from a sci-fi film, you already have a record of the first cloned dinosaur. This event has spread virally on social media, causing many to generate apocalyptic and alarmist ideas, in the best style of “Jurassic Park”.

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The article that first reported it, states that scientists at Liverpool’s John Moore University keep an Apotosaurus baby in their laboratories.The creation of this creature was made possible by the extraction of DNA from a fossil of this breed of dinosaurs. Some people say this is false information.

But this is not the only one of these extinct animals, apparently cloned by scientists. Most scholars of genetic scans say they are happy about the multiple possibilities of playing with dinosaur genes and believe they can create hundreds of varieties.

We’ll wait and see what else happens on this ground. Other versions also speak of the possible cloning of mammoths that became extinct at a time as remote as the ice age, and which could come back to life, this time by the hand of science.

All this adds to other history of cloning such as that of the Dolly sheep, whose news was covered by the mainstream media and gave the world around opening upa huge debate between science vs. Ethics in its time.

And what do you think of it all? Would it be okay to clone dinosaurs and mammoths, as well as other animal species?

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