What are the Best Apps for Share Screen

Business, English - May 26, 2022
Image 1. What are the Best Apps for Share Screen

In present days online communication has become a more significant mode of communication. Mainly, it has become a compulsory activity for all organizations, business platforms, and the educational sectors in the last two to three years.

The advantage of the online mode of communication to online meeting apps is that the host can conduct the conference by the help of screen share apps. In this article, we will discuss some of the  best apps for online conferences.

AnyDesk: AnyDesk is a desktop software, mostly used for screen sharing. It works on many platforms like iOS, macOS, Windows, and AnyDesk is free up to a limited version. Anydesk works on both desktop and mobile sharing.

If you are using the Any Desk app, first, you have to send the number or password they give to assess AnyDesk quickly, and it provides top security with strong host control. AnyDesk has some special features like personalized user names, remote printing, automatic updates, file transfer, screen recording, chat messenger, and Mobile desktop connectivity.

Mingle View: Mingle view is a free desktop app which is used for multiple meetings without any other collaboration features. If you use Mingle View, you don’t have to install it; but rather you can access it by its six-digit code.

However, Mingle View provides remote control access, live chat and creates meeting rooms, but it doesn’t work on keyboard shortcuts. However, Mingle View works on a window desktop computer.

GoToMeeting: GoToMeeting has a great team collaboration during screen sharing. It offers a chat messenger tool, and at a time, three people can access it via audio and video, a maximum of 40 minutes. It is a web conferencing software for sharing screens. GoToMeeting is supported on both desktop and mobile devices.

Though GoToMeeting is a paid software and capable of recording the meeting, it provides features like HD video, live bandwidth adjustment, laser pointer, drawing tools, mobile to desktop connectivity, and pass presenter features. However, small companies mostly use GoToMeeting.

TeamViewer: TeamViewer is one of the best screen-sharing apps that can be accessible on both mobile and desktop to monitor and manage, mainly focusing on IoT device control. TeamVieweroffers a vast range of cross-platform coverage and can do fast file transfer.

TeamViewer also provides some unique features like video conference, whiteboard features, VoIP calls, instant messaging, GDPR compliance, remote painting, and VPN alternative. This is the screen-sharing app that is mainly used for business purposes, for IT-related stuff, and to control the clients’ or employees’ screens.

Cisco WebEx: Cisco WebEx is a HIPAA/BAA compliant free screen sharing software for team collaboration. CiscoWebEx has multiple other communication tools like video and audio conferencing. It covers a wide range that up to 100 people can join at a time.

Cisco WebEx works on both mobile and desktop computers, and has the capacity to share the screen in android, ios, Windows, and Mac desktops. It also has remote control assessment, whiteboard features, a web page, video, and chat messenger tools within the app. Cisco WebEx is mostly used for business meetings because it has extensive team coverage.

Zoom: Zoom is the most popular video and audio conferencing appin the recent times. Zoom offers multiple numbers of people connectivity in one platform by providing screen sharing, chat messaging, and a whiteboard feature. Zoom is also a free screen-sharing software that allows three or more than three people to meet for up to 40 minutes. In recent times, because of lockdown, Zoom is used mostly for educational purposes, but it can also be used for professional purposes.

Zoom provides features like slack integration, plugins, free co- annotation, a whiteboard feature, keyboard and mouse remote control. It can edit files within the app and has good quality definition video and audio capability on both mobile and desktop screens.

Mikogo: Mikogo is a remote control cross-platform screen sharing software which is unpaid, and can work on both device means, mobile and desktop. First, users need to install this app, and people can join it via browser.

Mikogo includes 25 people at one time. Mikogo also provides a few unique features: 256-bit-AES encryption and SSL security, automatic language detection, annotation tool, session recording tool, mouse, keyboard control, and keeps the session history meeting date. Large companies in their professional meetings use this screen-sharing app.

Discord: Discord is a screen-sharing app used on both desktop and mobile. It notes that a group of friend communities mostly uses Discord to enjoy videos, cinema, songs, or chat together. Almost ten million people use this app.

Google Meet: Google Meet is a very common screen-sharing app these days. Google Meet offers high-quality video and audio conferences for up to 100 people for 60 minutes per meeting.

Google Meet is an unpaid software which is mainly seen used in business educational fields. It provides messaging, controls for meeting hosts, a video and audio screen preview, and can work in Android, Windows, macOS, and Ios.

In present days, online screen sharing softwares has become a very important mode of communication. If you are one of such users, then this article is one of your right destinations.