Daniel Craig states that “slit my wrists” before returning to play James Bond


  • The British actor clarifies that not to think about it “for at least one or two years”.
  • Craig says that if returns as agent secret would be just for money
  • These days is promoting the latest installment of the saga, ‘Spectre’

 Daniel Craig in 'Spectre' '/> </p>
<p>  that <strong>touted these days the latest film by James Bond” </a> James Bond <em> Spectre </em></strong> said in an interview published Thursday the London edition of the journal <em> Time Out </em> that “slit my wrists” before returning to embody the secret agent. </p>
<p> When asked if he would like to shoot a new film in the franchise, Craig said, “Now? Rather I break a glass and slit my wrists. No, not at this time. <Strong> Of course not</strong>. “</P> </p>
<p> The actor, 47, he added after” <strong>for at least one or two years</strong> “does not” think on it. “</p>
<p>” I do not know what the next step. (…) I’m not talking to anyone about anything. <Strong> If you make another Bond film would be only for money</strong>, “said Craig, who was placed on the skin of 007 for the first time in 2006 and has shot four films in the saga – <em> Casino Royale </em> (2006), <em> Quantum of Solace </em> (2008), <em> Skyfall </em> (2012) and <em> Spectre </em> (2015) -. </p >
<p> About his successor, Craig said: “Look, <strong>I do not care</strong>. Have good luck. “</P> </p>
<p> Craig offers reunites in <em> Spectre </em> with British director Sam Mendes, who already gave <em> Skyfall </em> so far <strong>the highest grossing in the history of the franchise</strong> tape. </p>
<p> Having said that, the English actor David Harewood, known for his role in the series <a   href= Homeland , he told the British newspaper Evening Standard would be willing to become the next 007.

“Everyone wants to be James Bond. There is a long list of names that go before me, but try my luck. Bond is an iconic role, “he said.


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