Tekken 7 DLC characters have been leaked for Season Pass 4

Tekken 7 DLC characters have been leaked for Season Pass 4

Whether you hate new Season Pass system for fighter games or not, it seems as though Tekken 7 fans can now check to see if they actually want to get the Season Pass 4 ahead of time. The third season pass is adding four new playable fighters to the game, two of them have been officially announced while the other two have now been leaked ahead of time.

It was already announced that Zafina and Leroy Smith would be joining the roster of fighters for Tekken 7 back in September. However, new leaks state that the upcoming figters are Ganryu and Fhkumram as DLC11 and DLC14 respectively. This article will help you to prepare for a new season. If you want to buy any game online account you could use online marketplaces to speed up your progress.

Two Leaked characters

The Microsoft Store has been the centre of two leaks recently; the Tekken 7 Season Pass 4 leak and also a leak for Bayonetta and Vanquish 4K ports. The store listing for Tekken 7 Season Pass 4 included all of the contents for it including the unannounced characters which were means to be revealed at the Tekken World Tour Finals instead. The listing was quickly removed but naturally, someone quickly saved it.

Season Pass 4 includes DLC 10-15 which is four new playable characters, a feature overhaul and a new stage also. There was also a note that explains some character customization items cannot be used by certain characters however, the Season Pass 4 does include some character customization items and player customization items as well.

The Tekken World Tour Finals are currently taking place (December 7th – 8th) in Thailand and it’s suspected that the two unrevealed characters will be announced sometime during the event. While the two characters have been leaked ahead of then, Tekken 7 players may still be getting to see some gameplay or some other announcement after the main event is over.

Buy with Tekken 7 Fight Money?

So far, Tekken 7 uses Fight Money that players can get from matches both offline and online however it only has a few uses. Fight Money is used for purchasing items from the customization menu and there is no way to purchase Tekken 7 Fight Money to buy Season Pass characters right now. It’s uncertain if this will even be the case but it doesn’t look like the developer is interested in doing this right now. Which means there is no way to get the added DLC characters without spending real money on the Tekken 7 Season Pass. Anyone interested in the Tekken 7 Season Pass 4 will need to buy the season pass from the respective stores for their gaming platform.

It looks like then that the new characters coming to the game with Tekken 7 Season Pass 4 then are: Zafina, Leroy Smith, Ganryu and Fahkumram. There is no details on if there will be more characters coming in the future but it looks like Ganryu, one of the original 8 Tekken characters, will be joining the Tekken 7 roster soon. Fahkumram, however, is a brand new character and not much is known about them yet.

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