The most amazing mysteries of Antarctica

The most amazing mysteries of Antarctica

Perhaps one of the coldest places on the planet, without a doubt, is Antarctica. A place full of secrets and enigmatic matters, one of the least populated and, above all, most guarded by the world powers. Siberia and Everest are its only competition in low temperatures.

It is not possible to access the main Antarctic zones, since it is prevented by military barriers that have the categorical order to allow only authorized personnel to enter. What is hidden there? Is it true that there are alien bases? Do secret laboratories of the most powerful nations work there? Let’s find out in: “The most amazing mysteries of Antarctica”:

There has been so much desire to know what is hidden in that icy panorama, that renowned authors have written books about it, such as Edgar Alampoe, Jules Verne and H.P. Lovecraft. The coinciding sequence among the three is notorious, since they all agree on the same version: that an ancient civilization that handled hidden and advanced knowledge and technologies was born there.

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That would be one of the main reasons for Hitler and the Nazis to launch all the necessary operations, sending their best scientists and occultists of the S.S., because Nazism, more than weapons, was much more concerned about esotericism and science. Since World War II, the whole of Antarctica has remained heavily militarized.

The investigations point to the fact that what they were looking for was to unearth under the thick layers of ice, all the gadgets of those remote civilizations and there are those who affirm that they found spaceships and very technological armament. After the Nazis, everything passed into the hands of the United States and the Soviet Union, who keep their scientific and military bases in the place.

Secrecy, mysteries and strange deaths

Something very strange that caught the attention of many media and people in the world, was that in the midst of the 2017 presidential elections in the United States, the Secretary of State, John Kerry, abandoned the entire Democratic campaign and went on a trip to Antarctica.

What would a top world leader go to do, in the midst of vast ice sheets at unbearable temperatures? So far, it’s a mystery. Many things add to the strangeness of this site, as on several occasions groups of dead military personnel have been found, as well as journalists trying to prowl and investigate.

The matter of Antarctica becomes even more unusual, when several computer and design experts have shown that the maps and virtual images, such as those of Google Earth, have apparently been adulterated and computer-created patches have been used, detectable by their great notoriety and suggesting that they do not want the masses to know what is really happening there.

As if that were not enough, the controversy in Antarctica has been growing due to the climatological phenomena that have been occurring, such as the detachment of the largest iceberg in the world, measured at 5,000 square kilometers, almost as large as a country of medium size.

The scientific community is divided on what could have caused this and the consequences it will bring with time; some say that this tremendous ice slab could crash into the coasts and generate an unprecedented catastrophe, or at least create a powerful tsunami.

Others say that there would be no problem because it will refreeze or that it will never come close to any coastline. But more than 12,000 scientists agree that it is all part of a mini-glaciation process that has begun and that in truth, Antarctic ice is multiplying and strengthening.

The nights that do not end in the winter and the days without night in the summer.

We have always seen that documentaries and official information about Antarctica, expose a panorama full of snow and penguins. But it seems that this is a minimum of elements compared to what those icy places contain. Many other secrets are suspected to occur there, in the southernmost place on Earth, so that six months go by without seeing the night and vice versa. Only until the year 1911, it was known in the world that this happened.

From one thousand to four thousand inhabitants

According to official data, this number of people live in Antarctica, but it varies according to the seasons of the year. Thanks to the Antarctic Treaty, signed in 1959, more than 31 countries maintain scientific and military research centers in this area of the planet.

The environment is drier than a desert

Although it may seem strange, this condition occurs because hydration is scarce due to the lack of trees and vegetation such as shrubs. The place described as “the driest in the world”, is located in MCMurdo, where humidity is almost a utopia and there is almost no snow or ice in those desert valleys.

Thousands of meteorites crashed

Since the late 1960’s, glaciologists from Japan discovered nine meteorites in Antarctica. Since then, more than 20,000 impacts of these space rocks have been found.

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