Alec Baldwin on his arrival in Spain to film ‘Torrente’: “I have much jet lag”


  • American actor, married to a Mallorcan has only three sentences pronounced in its present posed for the filming of ‘Torrente 5’
  • <. li> “Hello”, “I have much jet lag” and “Do you like my shirt?” were the only words he said to 40 cameras awaiting him.

  • Jesulín Ubrique, in her film debut, Julián López and Angy Fernandez will also be in the cast.

Alec Baldwin joins the cast of 'Torrente 5'

” Good morning “in Spanish, and” have much jet lag “and” do you like my shirt? “English, were the only words the 40 cameras that have attended this morning at the Ritz hotel in Madrid the first” landed “the new star of Torrente 5 , the U.S. Alec Baldwin , have been able to hear from his mouth.

All that concerns the development of the fifth installment of directed and starring Santiago Segura is wrapped in Top Secret , so, neither Baldwin nor Segura, have not a single fact about how and Where will the shoot , you have come to the right after pose for the print media.

With sleepy face with milk and coffee in hand , wearing a black pants and shirt of the film, the actor, married now with a Majorcan Hilaria ? with having a child together? has formalized its participation in the shooting posing the past quarter past eight and during only five minutes in which you have not answered , because it was the engagement questions.

However, after greeting with a “good morning” in Spanish, reported that he had “much jet lag” and asked reporters if they liked his shirt.

The star of movies like Beetlejuice and The Hunt for Red October , has shown his sense of humor “taking Muscle” next to Segura or approaching a photographer for a hug .

On his character in the film has not transcended anything so far because those responsible for the production, Amiguetes Enterprises, jealously guard the details and not even want to confirm dates of filming to avoid reporters.

What is known is that the new installment of the blockbuster police saga started when Segura Torrente out of jail and plans to rob a casino with the help of a former security chief of the same, and a group of specialists in the field, but nothing will be as easy as it seems at first.

Jesulín Ubrique, where film debut, Julián López and Angy Fernande z will also be in the cast of the next installment in the saga, in which the “cameos” of popular faces and often outside the world of acting and all are a classic.

With a budget of 8.5 million euros, the filming of this fifth installment of the highest grossing Spanish film franchise started last November 25 and runs until next March on location in Madrid, Ciudad Real and Dominican Republic.


Alec Baldwin on his arrival in Spain to film ‘Torrente’: “I have much jet lag”
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February 5, 2014

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