Jack Nicholson no longer leaves home for Alzheimer’s

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 Jack Nicholson

Actor Jack Nicholson” Jack Nicholson might have Alzheimer and this be the reason why not leave home , according to the American magazine says The National Enquirer .

“The rumor is that has the beginnings Alzheimer’s disease”, ensures source The National Enquirer . Add this source since being diagnosed with this disease, Nicholson rarely leaves his house and when it does, appears disoriented and confused .

The rumors about a possible Alzheimer’s are not new. One year a información published by Radar Online claimed that the actor Best … impossible was withdrawing from the world of acting since he was unable to recall the scripts. “Jack is removed There is a simple reason behind this decision. memory losses Frankly, at 76 years, Jack has memory problems and is unable to remember the lines they ask.. His head is not what it was, “said a source” very well positioned in Hollywood “.

However, the news was denied by NBC journalist Maria Shriver , ex-wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger and friend of Nicholson. “is 100% false”

With or without Alzheimer’s, the truth is that Nicholson takes months without appearing in public ?? except his attendance as a spectator at an NBA game in Los Angeles ??: the last time was in the 2013 Oscar presenting the award for Best Picture. The last project so far on the big screen is the film How do you know if …? , 2010.


Jack Nicholson no longer leaves home for Alzheimer’s
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December 10, 2014

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