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My ten essential subreddits you recommend any nerd

My ten essential subreddits you recommend any nerdMy ten essential subreddits you recommend any nerd

Reddit is great. Not for nothing is called itself the front page of the Internet.

Reddit is one of my favorite sites from a few years ago, but certainly in the last four or five has become more popular than it was ever before, and has attracted the attention of all kinds of people in all parts of the world, from celebrities to heads of state. In Reddit’s all about community, of different groups and subgroups formed with people who have the same interests.

Reddit is a great place to share with others and discuss any topic that you imagine. According reddit metrics are currently more than 600 000 subreddits, and only 545 were created yesterday. Basically there is a subreddit for almost anything in the world. I subscribe to almost a hundred, but they are few who I visit often, and less than a dozen that I check every week. Thanks to mobile applications and good Reddit customers that have appeared, is now more comfortable navigating this network for hours without having to be sitting at your PC.

Today I share with you favorites my subreddits, small enormous communities where I get interesting information, I entertain myself by hours, wasting time, and even learn new things.

r / internetisbeautiful

InternetIsBeautiful is a fantastic subreddit where great sharing sites showing how beautiful it is Internet. Usually postean useful websites, web tools, interesting sites, sites offer a unique service, or any domain that has something special.

r / lifeprotips

LifeProTips is a subreddit that I met recently, but incredibly useful and what makes it special is that it is offering the same advice community members. Here the goal is share with others tips to help you improve your life in any way. The best are often the simplest, and I’ve read great things that once made me think “Why did not I think of that!”.

r / buildapc yr / suggestalaptop

Build a PC is the best place you can go if need tips to build your own PC desktop, and Suggest a Laptop is the best place you can go if you want help buying a portable. The community experience is priceless, and every subreddit also has guides already made to help you choose with recommendations of components and equipment organized by budget and performance. It is the perfect paradise learn about hardware and educate you to make a good decision when buying a new machine, improve you already have, or build a clone yourself.

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r / gifs

Who does not love animated GIFs? This subreddit is so interesting and fun things I’ve even created a recipe with IF you send me by mail the best GIFs published in r / gifs daily. It is a hole of procrastination, but as I enjoy it.

r / explainlikeimfive

Explain like I’m five is a great subreddit where you can ask a question about anything and hope that the community will explain the answer as if you had five years no matter how complicated. The idea is fabulous, as there are so many issues that interest us and we fail to understand due to the complexity with which some experts try to explain things. Of the nearly 5 million subscribers who have this subreddit many are willing to explain things “foolproof”, and discussions are so interesting that you can spend hours there.

r / gaming

Of course I can not leave out the subreddit for larger gamers to reddit, Gaming has nearly 8 million subscribers, and although there is a lot of content garbage is repeated, no longer a great place to find out much about games and platforms besides that only things of community members shared. As r / gaming is so wide, many prefer to subscribe to subreddits games we like. For example, I visited almost every week r / fallout and r / skyrim because they just do not seem to age and their communities are incredibly active years after the departure of those games, if not repeated with most games, once you get something happens novelty deserts

r / todayilearned

Today I Learned (TIL) is one of favorite subreddits is for years, you always get something interesting that more than once you very surprised. It is the perfect place to learn something new every day, an addiction that everyone should have.

r / yr battlestations / mechanicalkeyboards


These two subreddits are like porn for me and are the two that more I visit, I reviewed almost daily for several hours. r / battlestations the community share their stations usually work with photos of setup that are currently mounted with their PCs. It is a place that any lover of computers just enjoy watching. Now, in r / mechanicalkeyboards you get all the geeks who love mechanical keyboards hundreds of dollars that are obsessed with the tactile feel and sound of the keys when they write. It’s a great community where you can learn a lot about are things that are pretty niche, stupid, sensual and addictive.


As without realizing I spent 10 and still no some things I want to recommend before closing, I leave these extra:

  • r / creepy: the odd scare for not sleep.
  • r / nosleep: horror stories of the community. Combine with r / creepy movie for insomnia.
  • r / mildlyinteresting: moderately interesting things:)
  • r / oddlysatisfaying: satisfaction guaranteed.
  • r / listentothis: better than r / music to discover new music.


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