King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Curiosities - August 28, 2019


Image 1. King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

With the name of the King of Cups, this card occupies the fourteenth place of the Cups club of the tarot’s minor arcane, although some point out that it occupies the fourth and final place of the courtesan figures of the Cups club. On this occasion we will present a summary of the meanings attributed to this card by the experts in this divinatory method.

In this card – based on Rider’s Tarot – we can see in front of a mature man, dressed in luxurious clothes and who wears a crown on his head: a king. In his left hand they hold a scepter, and in his right hand a golden cup.

On its neck hangs the symbol of a fish, which is interpreted by most as a sign of a creativity that is contained, but still has total space to grow and develop. This symbol is totally linked with the fish that swims in freedom behind it.

This King rests on a throne that floats on a stream of water, which speaks of his ability to reign and dominate emotions, as well as elements belonging to the psychic realm. However, it also speaks of the need to sacrifice some dreams and emotions based on achieving the goals we set ourselves.

In fact, some indicate that this is represented in the indifference that this king seems to feel towards the cup he holds in his hand, as if this were the vessel where his emotions and feelings are contained, which he put before his goals concrete and material.

Likewise, the cartomantics indicate that the presence of the King of Cups speaks of the individual’s ability to control his emotions. However there are those who place the emphasis on other characteristics such as mixing emotions with ambitions, causing a dangerous mix of feelings to emerge in the individual.

Sometimes this card may even referto the use of sexuality to obtain certain benefits, i.e. it may indicate prostitution or handling of eroticism for material benefits, so its presence must be taken with care.


On the other hand, in reference to the specific blueprints of existence, the King of Cups may be referring to a man of laws or related to politics, who is recognized as a highly responsible person. It also refers to someone who may have developed a shell who is actually hiding his emotions.

This card also speaks of the coming into life of a generous and supplierous man who watches over his family and protected people always under his protection and with all his needs covered.So on the love plane it can indicate a relationship that finally takes its course to a more serious realm.

If we talk about the work or creative plane,the appearance of the card of the King of Cups within a reading means a very good look, because he would be referring to the consultant’s ability to channel his creativity into material and productive events.

He also talks about his responsibility as an employee or as a director of his own company. If this card appears in a study consultation, your presence talks about graduations and achieving goals and good grades.

In short, this card speaks of the need to implement our more diplomatic side, as well as to control our emotions, based on achieving the objectivity and productivity required to achieve the goals set, both in the economic, the economic, the loving and intellectual. The need to keep a cold mind and active hands.

If it appears inverted

Likewise, like all tarot cards, the Cup King also has specific senses if he comes to appear inverted within a reading. In this case its meaning would be diametrically opposed to when it appears right, so its appearance would be referring to the inability of the consultant to control his emotions or give a good channel to his ideas or creativity.

Similarly, the presence of the King of Cups invested within a labor consultation may be giving advertisements of a boss with great power, but also with vices of corruption, embezzlement of funds, influence-trafficking.

Also if the consultation concerns an upcoming business or the economic scope of the consultant, the appearance of this card in reverse may refer to a possible scam, in which the consultant may be adversely affected. On the love plane, this card warns about a cold, calculating person who doesn’t know how to handle his feelings and who can cheat to get personal benefits from the person he consults.

In the company of other cards

However, it should be borne in mind that the interpretation of this card, as with the other tarot decks, must be made in context, that is, taking into account the cards around it. For example, if it appears accompanied by the high priest’s card, this card will refer to the appearance of a protective man.

Next to the Wheel of Fortune this card announces the arrival of unexpected help. It also has specific meanings if it appears inverted and in the company of specific cards. For example, the inverted Cup King in the company of The Hermit announces to the consultant the possible betrayal of a powerful person.

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