How Huawei Phones Will be Affected by the Google Block

How Huawei Phones Will be Affected by the Google Block
Author: Mario Petkovski

The recent chain of events had a huge impact on Huawei and they compromised the mobile giant position on the market. The US banned the Chinese tech company’s equipment from US networks, which results also in the announcement from Google that they will block Huawei from using Android apps on its device. Apparently, Huawei phones had information leaking problem with its new 5G technology, as well as they were accused of using personal information, that’s why it escalated to this level.

This event won’t necessarily have a big impact on the US market for Huawei. However, they will experience huge problems in the UK and Europe markets where they are popular the most. The trade-war between US and China continues so it got us wondering how this decision will affect the 3rd biggest mobile manufacturer in the world.

What does Google ban mean for Huawei owners?

For now, there is no room for concerns, all Huawei phones run on Google’s Android mobile operating system as Huawei only adds skins to its outer layer in order to have their own unique style. Google announced that all the security features, as well as the Google Play Store, will be available on existing Huawei phones. However, new phones may be affected by this ban and Huawei latest 5G phone may lose some essential Android services like Google Play, Gmail and much more.

Does this mean that Huawei will use a different operating system?

Just because of Android’s operating system open source nature, anybody can run this software on whatever platform they desire. So, at this point, Huawei will still use Androids mobile OS as the baseline for their phones. However, this move will affect the collaboration between Google and Huawei as Google will stop providing technical support and Google services to Huawei.

If Huawei continues to use Android’s open source OS, it will become a problem when new updates come up. Open-source versions will receive the Android update a lot later than the licensed one. This may turn out to be a major problem for essential security updates, like WhatsApp spyware issues that occurred not to long ago which were sorted out only by updating the software.

Does this affect the release of the new Huawei 5G phones?

The company promoted their new revolutionary phone Mate 20 X 5G at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, however, the future of the phone is compromised after the latest events. Since the Google/Android blockage, the company is facing major problems that will affect the release date of their new Mate 20 X 5G. The company announced that they will pause the launch of Huawei’s 5G phones, just because they have unsure future with Android and Google services.

Will this decision affect the future of smartphones?

Well, it is a big decision that impacted the worlds most innovative company. Huawei is a remarkable company and had come up with extraordinary creations in the last couple of years. Huawei is one of the leading companies in the world with selling just shy of 60 million phones in the first quarter of 2019.

They have invested so much time and resources for creating the first Android folding phone with their latest Huawei Mate X 5G and these things can slow progress down. If they don’t find a solution, the mobile industry will lose such a valuable role in technology innovation.

This is not only about these two companies. Parts suppliers from all around the world will be affected by this decision, including chipmakers, parts suppliers, processor developers have also suspended working with the Chinese company.

We will hold our horses for now and wait to see how this will turn out at the end, although it is sure better for the customers when the competition is high. It will give us more creative and innovative products in the following years.

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