How to install Google Play Newsstand to read the news and magazines from your Android app

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The closure of Google News in December, 2014 has left us in Spain, we have left the Spanish users without able to download your new application of official Google News, which has caused a small problem in our country.

The new Google News replaces Play Newsstand, so that since a few days already there is no way to download the Play Newsstand from Google Play, as it is not available in Spain, and who manually installed the APK of Google News, as you’ll see in a few minutes will disappear from your devices.

The web application

In the press release the closure of Google News in Spain the company informs us that to continue reading news and magazines from Google Play now you must use the web version of Play Newsstand.

If you were a user of Google Play Newsstand, and you want to access the content of your news and magazines, you can do so in the web application from the Play Newsstand.

Play Kiosk Web

The web version of Google Play Newsstand is fully functional, we can continue reading all the news and access to all the magazines purchased from the Google Play store, but we do not offer the same experience that your official application.

Play Kiosk Access

Install their official app

Play Kiosk App

If you’ve uninstalled the application of Google Play Newsstand there will be no way to download it again from the Play Store. Now the only solution we have left is to install your APK manually from APK Mirror:

The new English Play Newsstand is Play Newsstand, and the latest version launched by Google was the 4.7.1. Once you have installed the application manually, we will enjoy our news and magazines from your application.

do Not install Google News

do Not install the new version Google News 5.0 in Spain, a few minutes the application automatically will be disabled, it will disappear from your Android device.

do Not let you install Play Newsstand?

Play Kiosk Error

If you installed Google News 5.0 manually and you disappeared will then give you an error when you try to install Play Kiosk, because you will try to install a previous version.

If you go to Settings > Applications surely it can not find the application Google News.

The application is disabled and hidden. To uninstall Google News, we can use the tool Uninstaller easy.

Uninstall Google News

That application if it detects that we have installed the Google News and will allow us to uninstall it to be able to be able to go back and install new Google Play Newsstand.

at the time Google is not disabling the application Play Kiosk in Spain, only it is doing with Google News, so that you do not install the new application.

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How to install Google Play Newsstand to read the news and magazines from your Android app
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May 28, 2018

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