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Princess Snow White lost her mother when she was born, and raised by her nanny. Soon a new queen comes to the castle, extremely vain and committed to be the most beautiful in the whole kingdom. She had a magic mirror telling him if it was the most beautiful. And it was, until Snow White princess grew.

When the mirror tells her that Snow White is the fairest plan to kill her. But his friend Klauss saves her and takes her away from the castle. However, the queen asks the mirror the whereabouts of Snow White and he says so. Then she sent into the woods to kill her, but the envoy fails with the help of Klaus and a boar.

However, she falls into a ravine and is knocked unconscious and is found by seven dwarfs, who the carried his small house.

Queen returns and asks the mirror who is the fairest of the kingdom, but the mirror tells her Snow White. Then she finds out he’s not dead and that is with the dwarves, and decides to kill her herself. Is passed by an old lady who needs some water, and needs help to get her out of the well because supposedly weighs heavily. Then Snow White leaves the house, but she pulls the dress with a lace, and she falls dead. However, not die because when they notice that dwarfs her dress is too tight, cut the cord and she can breathe.

Queen back to the castle question again about who is the most beautiful, but the mirror tells her that Snow White again. Then the queen is new with the intention of killing him, and this time he gives a piece of poisoned apple. It is then placed in a glass coffin, but bear arrives and knocks him to the ground. This causes her to throw the piece of poisoned apple and back to life. Klauss and the prince of another castle, that were looking for meet and, in turn, manage to kill the queen and witch, aided by wolves instead.

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Summary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
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August 3, 2013

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