Fame and How to Find It on TV and Online

Fame and How to Find It on TV and Online
Who doesn’t like fame? Celebrities make efforts to preserve their appeal by always being in the spotlight and making strategic choices to reinvent themselves, just like Julie Andrews sneaking onto DC’s Aquaman to voice Karathen. And the fans love to watch every move. If we cannot have it for ourselves, we follow those who do.

Since the start of civilization, if not before, people have lived vicariously through celebrities, worshipping them, mimicking their behaviour and habits. The world of entertainment watches for such marketable opportunities and then gives fans chances upon chances of their own to experience that stardom – even for a day – through shows and meet-and-greets. The 21st century’s tech evolution in TV and digital entertainment has made it easier than ever for fans to connect with their idols or earn their share of some glory. Here’s how.

Reality TV

From talent shows to people locked in a house, whatever makes you happy as a viewer will exist as a reality show. Ranker lists 54 programs to watch in 2019 with Survivor, The Amazing Race and American Ninja Warrior at the top. Surprisingly, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is in 29th spot, but the fact that it has been running since 2007 means that this show, like others that have survived well past their life expectancy, has perfected the reality TV recipe. Drama, glamor, surprises. Even Snoop Dogg turned to welcoming his fans into his home and family with Father Hood. While his fame was not harmed and people will never tire of following the rapper’s antics, the show only lasted two years, but don’t forget about Cameo, the app offering celebrity videos for a price. That includes Snoop Dogg, who will record whatever you want for $500. This is the point of fame, now: to get rich by just showing your face, while making fans feel special.

Social Media

Fame can only be achieved if lots of people learn and talk about you, so communication is an important part of show business. Today, it is through social media that bonds between the famous and their followers are best formed. Luke Evans can be found on Instagram, posting photos of movie sets and dogs. Refinery29 points out 104 more celebrities active on this platform, including Ryan Reynolds, Nicki Minaj and Norman Reedus, providing a range of funny and fashionable moments from their lives. Of course, Twitter, YouTube and other channels are used by all kinds of celebrities, not just actors and musicians. Cosmopolitan talks about influencer Noelle Downing and her self-love campaign on social media, backed by nearly 300,000 followers. Modern connectivity is a ticket for anyone to find stardom, but also to share life-changing wisdom with people who may need to hear it from someone they admire.

Live Games

Watching celebrities may be good enough for some, but others prefer to be the celebrity for a day. This is why game shows are doing just as well in a world dominated by reality entertainment. ITV’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is calling for contestants for another series hosted by Jeremy Clarkson. You could say that the success stories from that game are more noteworthy than a movie star’s next blockbuster because they involve everyday people. Hope is given to ordinary viewers that they could win a fortune and, therefore, a step-up from normality. The same opportunity is available at online casinos: Betway has Deal or No Deal Live on its list of realistic games. Developed by Evolution Gaming, it is a loyal recreation of the hit TV show, but with 24/7 playing action, RNG features and special bonuses for new customers that did not exist in the original program. Living the dream is now possible with a technologically advanced industry willing to provide for consumers.

In the past, radio, TV, magazines and events were all people had to glimpse the lives of celebrities. The digital age has changed that. Whether you like watching or really experiencing fame, there are countless options across media platforms. Becoming a movie star is not everything, though, as Natalie Portman suggested in her speech at Harvard University. Being smart, brave and meaningful in your hunt for publicity will make sure you are not only famous but also happy.

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