Glass Onion, A Knives Out Mystery review

Glass Onion, A Knives Out Mystery review

Glass Onion: A Knives Out pays tribute to the history of popular sequels by including just enough twists to make the movie seem familiar but not predictable.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is a movie office smash in 2019, offering the perfect reason for director Rian Johnson and actor Daniel Craig to return for the sequel.

Contrary to popular belief, creating a fantastic sequel is challenging, which is why Rian Johnson’s achievement with Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is all the more deserving of acclaim. However, given that at least one more Benoit Blanc adventure is in the works, it’s important to understand why this sequel is so successful.

Johnson employs some of the same techniques that make previous movies so compelling, even if Glass Onion may not be on the same level as other iconic sequels like The Godfather II, The Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Knight, or Terminator 2.

The fact that the filmmaker was hesitant to use the title Knives Out proves that a sequel’s potential for quality may lie in its differences from the original movie rather than its similarities.

You are incisively invited to laugh at these terrible influencers and entrepreneurs by Glass Onion. Whereas the previous movie targeted the seclusion-inducing ignorance of inherited money, the sequel focuses on the contemporary nouveau riche, including rapacious politicians, frantic social media gurus, and profoundly ignorant IT types.

They are the kind of people who confuse their success for the result of their own magical “genius” rather than self-serving callousness supported by copious amounts of other people’s money — and plenty of simple dumb luck — and who excuse their self-centered mistakes as “disruption” It’s entertaining to see them disintegrate when the knives are drawn, but more than that, it’s a biting criticism of those who act irresponsibly and burden everyone else with the repercussions.

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What Makes a Great Sequel?

Being an admirer of Agatha Christie, Johnson was aware that a tale is not required to adopt well-worn tropes just because it is based on a specific protagonist or belongs to a particular genre.

Therefore, Benoit Blanc can solve a family murder if Hercule Poirot can find a serial murderer in one chapter and then hunt him down in the next.

The character of Blanc from Knives Out was really recruited in the first film, however, in Glass Onion Blanc drove himself to Miles Bron’s island out of extreme boredom after spending too much time at home.

It may be argued that Blanc’s early decisions in the films are fairly reckless, in contrast to how his shrewd behavior consistently puts him one step ahead of events in the first movie.

Furthermore, although Glass Onion has a varied cast of individuals, each of whom represents a pivotal person in many aspects of current civilization, the so-called disruptors, Knives Out centers on the Thrombey family.

Knives Out are framed as a family tragedy, but the sequel begins -literally- like a comedy movie. The sequel, therefore, features a variety of suspects, locations, and causes. The audience now knows the murder mystery is coming, but no one knows when which is the most essential change.

The movie changes the when, who, why, where, how, and even the conclusion for one that leaves a bittersweet mystery behind, despite its invitation to viewers to accept some concessions to cover up any narrative holes for the purpose of pleasure. In this follow-up, only Blanc and the what—a murder mystery—remain constants.

The Hindenburg warning, the pineapple allergy, the failsafe to trigger the removal of the Mona Lisa protection and all of these subtly placed elements have a role to play in the complicated but ultimately wonderfully rewarding climax.


Glass Onion has all the expected twists, humor, and a compelling central mystery from a movie of this type. Perfection isn’t objective; it’s subjective.

Glass Onion is not just one of the best movies of the year, but it’s also a beautifully made and delightfully suspenseful murder mystery. Without knowledge of the narrative or twists, it is truly a movie that is best enjoyed. The jewel in this immensely enticing plot is Johnson’s outstanding, competent production.

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