New game from Kairosoft, Pocket League Story 2 multiplayer mode


Kairosoft is one of the existing gaming companies stronger for Android. As their titles tend to have much in common, especially in relation to the construction formula, RPG and simulation, each game created by the company has its special touch.

The latest title in the company is Pocket League Story 2, which follows in the footsteps of his predecessor with new features to enjoy, mainly in the ability to play football games against real opponents.

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The essence of this new game from Kairosoft is get in the skin of the owner of a new football team, players and managers represented by visual standard seen in all existing securities of the company, . You will have to sign and train best and players to move forward in the league.

To do that, you have to build all the facilities in a manner quite similar the legendary Sim City or any Kairosoft game. New buildings will trigger new ways to train your players with special abilities, bringing revenue due to visitors and sports sponsors.

Each Kairosoft title is special in itself

When you first start a game is more or less an observer, watching as your players are entering the facilities to train. New gameplay elements include dynamic meteorology and penalty shots.

The most remarkable feature in Pocket League Story 2 is the ability to play against real opponents . Although integration is not well achieved, as it will have to add friends via a nine-figure digital code type “friend codes” for Nintendo, and really there is a match against each other.
Pixelated graphics

be found throughout the famed Kairosoft game

It should be mentioned that the functions multiplayer are listed as beta ​​strong> at the time and is a great welcome to this new way of getting out of line one player who kept Kairosoft so far.

In this new title Kairosoft tends to avoid purchasing model within the application. A disbursement of $ 3.99 unlock the full version of the game, which allows you to play in landscape mode and remove advertising. The company has released a few titles like this, but it seems to have found standard as other Kairosoft games have a free demo version and full.

A super famous game company Kairosfot and deserves well worth a try and if you are a fan of arcade-style pixelated building, rpg and simulators.

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 New game from Kairosoft, Pocket League Story 2 multiplayer mode Pocket League Story 2  googleplay small New Kairosoft game, Pocket League Story 2 multiplayer mode
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