Who are the owners of the world?

Who governs the planet? Who are the true owners of the world? For sure, you can not talk about there being one or several real owners of the world, but rather, some groups, companies and families that possibly have tried to take over for centuries.

Who are the owners of the world?

They have 80% of the world’s money

It is to reflect, that 500 companies control at this moment, 52% of the Gross Domestic Product worldwide. Also, that the three people, cataloged as the richest and wealthiest of society, have extreme wealth, surpassing the heritage of the 40 poorest nations on Earth.

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Another data to be able to solve the question of who or who are the supposed owners of the world, is that the figures announce that 20% of the human population, possesses 80% of the wealth.

Multinationals like ExxonMobil, receive income of unimaginable amount. For example, this tycoon of fuel and oils greatly exceeds the Gross Domestic Product of Austria, in its exaggerated profits. We also have General Motors, which exceeds Denmark’s GDP.

The pharmaceutical industries are other multinationals that cover the highest profits, after the Vatican, which even has its own independent bank in the world, that is, an entity totally isolated from the control of the World Bank and with much larger reserves.

However, according to data from the World Health Organization, a child dies every six seconds, due to chronic malnutrition, which indicates that there are 100,000 children in a day. In such a way, that the question persists: In whose hands are most of the riches of humanity?

It is not a secret that a country is not in any way independent or sovereign as can commonly be believed. The very fact that a country has external debt already puts it in a condition of dependence with respect to someone, be it a bank, a country, a family, etc. So, does the world have an owner?

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