Poems about agriculture

Generally it tends to think that the peasant is an ignorant individual and little given to art and culture. But it is a gross error, because according to its region, it has a specific and very peculiar culture.

Poems about agriculture

But what is even more relevant: the very word “agriculture” is closely linked to “culture”. Sowing the land for the peasant is a sacred act and for that reason beautiful poems have been made by the praiseworthy workers who bring the food to the table of each home.

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A sample of poetry about the countryside, agriculture and the peasant

I love the arid hand that grows the food
who dips his hands in the earth
and he brings out of his entrails his living son.

I love the earth strewn with grains,
the land of corn and potatoes,
the land that provides its water
the mother earth,
the earth is the daughter of our desire for survival.

Agriculture is life,
it is food,
it is the gift of perpetuation.

It is strange that we do not love agriculture, but food.
It is strange that we do not love the peasant, who provides the food.
We can not eat the coins or the bills,
but in the countryside they are happy eating the stew of the earth.

End of Short Farming poems

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