MyFitnessPal to lose weight and stay in shape now in Spanish


popular service monitoring exercise and nutrition MyFitnessPal, makes his first effort to reach an international audience with the release of versions in French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Co-Founder Mike Lee reported MyFitnessPal now has 40 million users registered. This figure already includes users from other countries, “ is a huge number, but the percentage is very small compared to our total number of users based “. So Lee said there is a great opportunity to create localized versions of the service.

Y is the same as the company announced today. The Android app and website are now available in French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Also give local support to units of measure, and when users attempt to follow as have been running or how much they have been eating, may save miles.

MyFitnessPal data base is adding around 600,000 international food , thanks to the joint effort of the company and the users. While providing localized messages is to support the client in South America and Europe.

As part of today’s update, MyFitnessPal is also launching a redesigned Android App, focused on improving and providing a consistent browsing it. You can see a screenshot of the screen then redesign here.

In Castilian to keep fit with a database of 600,000 Food

The next languages ​​that will be available are the Nordic, Italian and Russian, he said Lee. The company also plans to further customize servive to different countries, because after all, different regions have an important cultural distinction about health and exercise.

Many countries around the world are having the same problems health United States suffering such as weight “, he added,” h to and a great opportunity, and now they have the resources to create a great experience with international users “.

MyFitnessPal, is an application that can be perfectly combined with any used to run like Endomondo or Runtastic, allows to track calories and has a database of foods simply enormous. It has located more than 600,000 with the total reaches over 3 million food.

A perfect application for help lose those extra kilos, before they have to go to the beach or pool this summer which is becoming closer. You can download it free from here on the button that will take you directly to Google Play. More – Being healthy and fit is becoming easier with Android

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